Episode 163: TRUTH: Why You Need It and How to Find It

If you’ve ever wondered whether there really is such a thing as truth, today that’s what we’re going to talk all about. We’re taking a deep dive into the difference between perception and reality and talking about how truth is different from opinion. We talk about WHY truth even matters and how it will ultimately bring you the most joy and happiness in this life. And we give you the formula for how to always find it.

Time Stamps:

[01:00] – Corrine and Neil talk about a funny story that started from seeing the movie The Italian Job.

[04:00] – Corrine thought a Mini Cooper was her dream, but reality said otherwise.

[05:32] – How are statistics related to this?

[08:11] – Neil talks about the evolution of information on the internet.

[09:51] – We have rules and laws so we know how to find happiness.

[13:14] – What are eternal truths?

[15:19] – Corrine and Neil talk about the feeling of truth and how to seek the truth.

[18:12] – Ask believing that you’ll get an answer.

[20:48] – Corrine and Neil reminisce about the viral dress that doesn’t look the same for everyone. What happened?

[23:24] – Truth is different from having varied perspectives.

[25:36] – Corrine shares an inspiring story of a Russian journalist during the situation in the Ukraine.

[27:03] – Once you feel the truth of something, you can no longer deny it.

[29:58] – Neil shares that understanding the truth helps people accept reality.

[32:06] – Sometimes we need to experience hard truths to accept reality and learn for ourselves.

[35:06] – It’s not possible to find joy if you go against the truths that bring you happiness.

[37:51] – Truth will be revealed.

[40:36] – Corrine and Neil encourage everyone to put their trust in their gut feeling.

[43:25] – Life is just a fraction of what’s to come.

Supporting Resources:

“Pure Truth, Pure Doctrine, and Pure Revelation” Talk by Russell M. Nelson.

“What Color is this Dress?” CNN


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