Episode 146: Hiring, Managing, Impacting and Achieving with HR Exec. Angie Balfour

Angie Balfour is the Chief People Officer at Weave, a Utah company that just went public last week. She has worked in HR really since high school (more on that in a minute) and before becoming an executive at Weave, she worked as the head of Human Resources at Instagram, a Human Resources Business Partner at Facebook, and before that she worked all over the world for a company called Fairchild Semiconductor in all aspects of their HR, talent and leadership management. Today I'm asking Angie some of the questions that she's helped me with the most over the years when it comes to HR, everything from how to hire well to how to manage teams effectively, how to intentionally invite more diversity, and how to treat others well who go through a health crisis. Angie also shares with me what she's learned personally in her pursuit of success in her career, and what she learned from battling two types of cancer 5 years ago. Angie has been one of my dearest friends for years, the type of person who I call with advice and ALWAYS hang up feeling a thousand times better, more empowered and inspired, and I am certain she'll leave you feeling the same way today too.


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Time Stamps:

[01:13] – What led Angie Balfour to be interested in HR? Hint: This involves a high school crush, a competition, and an encouraging stranger.

[03:52] – Angie says she took on assignments no one wanted to do in the HR space and this helped move her towards an executive role.

[06:18] – Angie explains that she originally turned down the opportunity to Facebook. What changed her mind?

[09:09] – When she was young, Angie says her parents were very encouraging towards her taking ownership of her life.

[11:56] – Angie points out her HR tips for defining the role and reimagining how new hires fit in a business.

[14:45] – Why does Angie suggest paying attention to problem solving questions and on-boarding relationships in HR strategies?

[16:51] – What is the “new-employee-lense” that businesses can leverage for their operations?

[19:11] – Listen to Angie share a moment of learning how to better communicate with her team members.

[20:46] – Angie talks about taking feedback and hiring people who are “smarter” than yourself.

[22:27] – A good team focuses on identifying the needs together rather than clashing within the team.

[24:50] – Listen to Angie speak about how her job responded after she received her cancer diagnosis.

[27:14] – When someone is going through something hard, Angie suggests to support that person in the way that works for them.

[28:48] – What did Angie learn about vulnerability during her cancer journey?

[30:32] – Angie uses her cancer experience to give insight and offer a listening ear to others going through a similar journey.

[33:32] – Angie shares what she felt in the moment that Weave went public.

[36:30] – What is Angie’s goal for her life and career?

[39:01] – Angie talks about her journey to be more fit, and how she is staying excited for the future.

[40:48] – Listen to these tips for stepping up diversity strategies. Angie gets candid about the learning process of diversity in business.

[43:42] – Angie shares her thoughts on creating supportive atmospheres for diversity.

[45:14] – Reflecting on life experiences, Angie discusses the idea of having privilege and opening opportunities for others.

[47:14] – Angie says we can all make a difference wherever we are.

[49:23] – Angie congratulates Corrine on her work with Mint Arrow Messages so far.


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