Episode 140: Cameron Treu on ADHD Awareness and Understanding

Justin Timberlake. Michael Phelps. Ty Pennington. Adam Levine. Richard Branson. Simone Biles. Channing Tatum. Jim Carrey. Do you know what all of these well known celebrities and Olympic athletes have in common? They all have ADHD.

But have you ever sat down and talked to someone who has ADHD about what life is like for them? Have you ever had the chance to understand what being in their head is like day to day? And maybe more importantly, if you do know someone who has ADHD or you suspect might have it, do you know what to do to support them?

Today I’m interviewing my friend Cameron Treu, the owner and pit master of Utah’s best barbecue Bam Bam’s, co-host of the Nitty Gritty Podcast, father, husband, and sports fanatic. I’ve never known anyone personally who would openly talk about their condition of ADHD and what it’s like for them, so I’m very grateful for Cam and his willingness to share his story, perspective, and advice to those struggling with ADHD.

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Time Stamps:

[01:07] – Cameron Treu tells his story of starting a new life in BBQ, later becoming a Pit Master.

[03:30] – Once Cameron made up his mind to pursue BBQ, he set his focus on making the most of his interest. Here’s how that led to Bam Bam’s BBQ.

[05:32] – Cameron recalls the interaction that allowed him to be the mentee of a top chef.

[07:27] – Cameron’s story with John Louis proves a few lessons in making genuine connections in the industry.

[09:52] – Listen to Cameron express his thoughts on ADHD, childhood, and building self-awareness around how he operates as a person.

[12:33] – Cameron describes the first time taking Adderall and talks about the effects for individuals with ADHD.

[15:29] – Society’s relationship with modern technology increases ADHD symptoms shown in neuro-typical individuals.

[17:15] – Dealing with ADHD can expose individuals to these secondary physiological and psychological impacts.

[19:55] – Cameron explains the unseen perspective of combating external pressure and opinions towards ADHD.

[21:15] – How can someone be supportive of an individual dealing with ADHD? Cameron shares his insight.

[23:41] – Corinne and Cameron talk about being mindful of words related to nuanced experiences, especially when being used casually.

[25:45] – Having a different focus or attention is not the fault of an individual with ADHD.

[28:42] – Cameron talks about learning to love his brain. What is it like to balance the internal experience of ADHD?

[30:44] – Is there a positive impact that can come from involving spirituality in the journey of dealing with ADHD?

[33:29] – Cameron shares this analogy of what happens when people separate from spirituality. How can someone get back on track?

[36:24] – Cameron encourages addressing ADHD early, like in childhood, to reduce possible health threats.

[38:18] – What are some approaches Cameron uses to live his active life? He talks about the trials and errors of figuring things out.

[40:41] – Cameron discusses mind hacks related to hand-eye coordination and dopamine for ADHD.

[42:41] – If you deal with ADHD, here are the things that Cameron feels that are really important in the journey.

[45:18] – Dealing with ADHD is possible, and it can also still have its ups and down.

[47:45] – “Love one another.”

[50:18] – Corinne and Cameron talk about being BYU fans, Utah fans, and connecting with people.


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