Episode 131: Kristin Andrus on Spending TIME Instead of just MONEY in Philanthropy

Kristin Andrus is a mom to 6, exercise maniac, lover and creator of healthy recipes, married to the owner of Traeger Grills, Jeremy Andrus, and a total inspiration to me of what it REALLY means to serve, mentor, and love people in your community. Kristin has a passion for philanthropy, but in today's podcast she shares her strong feelings about how money is the actual most insignificant part of philanthropic work and that it's your TIME and attention that will really create long-lasting relationships and opportunities to grow and help others thrive. She gives really helpful takeaways for those interested in mentoring, along with some great mom advice, marriage advice, and life advice in general.

Time Stamps:

[00:49] – Kristin Andrus introduces herself, her family, and her philanthropic work.

[02:27] – What sparked Kristin’s passion for philanthropy and advocating for others?

[05:15] – Kristin shares tips for choosing opportunities that are close to her heart.

[08:02] – Kristin tells a story of giving lasting holiday cheer to a group of refugee women she worked closely with.

[10:30] – What’s the different impact between going to fundraiser events and connecting with the community in person?

[11:53] – Kristin talks about giving her children exposure to philanthropy work and how to engage the kids in the impact. 

[14:31] – Kristin describes the strength of the women and children she supports through philanthropy work.

[17:24] – What does Kristin suggest to build real connections with the community and individual people that could benefit from relationships?

[19:00] – Trust is a major step in creating connections in philanthropy with the community. Kristin gives personal examples of gradually building trust with refugees.

[21:32] – Kristin encourages everyone to check on the needs in their own neighborhoods.

[23:47] – Making the call to discover needs is an actionable step to figuring out the needed impact.

[25:00] – Why is it important to share philanthropy options and social impact?

[26:52] – Kristin says that people should focus on creating balance rather than “finding” balance. She uses the context of motherhood to explain her approach.

[29:46] – In marriage, Kristin advises to lean towards having realistic expectations of a spouse. What is the best compliment Kristin received from her spouse?

[31:38] – Here is Kristin's viewpoint on her marriage and the dynamics in their relationships. Kristin emphasizes the importance of clear communication.

[34:28] – Kristin speaks about showcasing your authentic skills.

[37:27] – Kristina uses conversation, curiosity, and consistency to bring more impact into her life.

[40:05] – Philanthropy honestly does require thoughtfulness to follow through with the actions supporting social impact and connections.

[42:02] – What is Kristin’s advice to make sure the people in need don’t feel like a project?

[43:34] – Here is the ONE message Kristin wants everyone to take away from the conversation

Supporting Resources:

Baskets and Bottles” Talk by Chieko Okazaki

 Instagram @kristinandrus  

3 Tweetables:

“The magic happens when you show up.” – Kristin

“When I show up, that is where life happens. Life doesn’t happen writing a check. It doesn’t happen watching things scroll by on Instagram. It’s when you sign up, you show up, and you say ‘I’m going to be there’, and you actually do.” – Kristin

“People think of philanthropy as money; it’s not. It’s being a friend.” – Kristin

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