Episode 127: What’s in it for Me?

Okay, be honest just for a second with yourself. Have you ever been in a situation when you’ve asked yourself “wait, what’s in it for me?” Or thought that to yourself? I think if we’re being honest we ALL have at one time or another. Today Neil and I are discussing selfishness and why it so easily plagues our lives, and the antithesis: selflessness. We share some of the examples we’ve had in our lives of selflessness along with some deeply inspiring stories of sacrifice that I’m almost certain will leave you wanting to be better.

Time Stamps:

[00:38] – The first spark of inspiration for our talk today is from a Neal A. Maxwell quote that made us understand selfishness differently.

[02:51] – Following the first spark, another spark of inspiration came that reminds me of the 1989 movie Field of Dreams.

[04:33] – We should all strive to be genuinely happy for others.

[06:26] – Neil expresses how cheering for others is so counterintuitive to the myth of success society sells.

[08:25] – Worldly possessions are simply objects; our view about the objects is what gives us peace or makes us feel miserable.

[10:15] – I share a personal story about my childhood, a grand piano, and the selflessness of my parents.

[13:12] – By choosing to be more selfless, we’re setting ourselves up to be more free.

[15:35] – Neil gives credit to his admirable father who worked on personal growth over the years then reminisces about childhood.

[17:28] – Neil tells the story of trying to hide a motorcycle ticket from his father. Was he able to keep the secret?

[19:09] – I have such a strong memory of my grandpa’s transition into a new life that positively impacted my life when I was younger.

[21:36] – We take a lesson of selflessness from history in a story of the pioneers who traveled to the West during the 1800s.

[24:30] – Being selfless is a heroic act.

[27:29] – In tough and uncomfortable moments, we have an opportunity to show up selflessly.

[29:47] – Are we willing to move closer toward a more selfless life?

Supporting Resources:

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