Episode 113: Taylor Hartman and The Color Code Personality Profile

Ever since I was a girl and all growing up, my mom has always referred to my siblings or me as a “blue” or a “red” or a “white” depending on where we fall into The Color Code.

Created by Dr. Taylor Hartman, The Color Code is a personality profiling system that can help you to not only understand yourself and why you're driven to do the things you do, but it also helps tremendously with understanding how OTHERS around you act and think and respond to life.

Today, Neil and I get to talk to Taylor Hartman, the creator of The Color Code and author of “The People Code: It's All About Your Innate Motive.”

Dr. Hartman breaks down my personality and Neil's, why Neil is a totally different color than I've always assumed he was (even after knowing him for 12 years!), and he gives us this totally unique advice for marriage to help us understand each other and work together, having totally opposite personalities. He also lays out these different colors from a parenting perspective.

This episode is truly insightful and I can’t wait for you to learn a lot of new ways to better understand yourself and everyone around you.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • It's not true that people evolve into a personality. You're born with your personality but people can grow and evolve, and go backward as well.
  • Apparently, my code (blue) says my personality is the most controlling and Neil (red) has one of the most natural lenses of personality.
  • Do not apologize for your personality. It's beautiful that people have a personality and they value it. And as they develop their character, they call on other strengths instead of living in limitations.
  • Trying to become more of the color that isn’t your core just goes against your better judgment. Instead, try to be more of that, but always be true to be who you are.
  • Based on the color, there’s that one thing that you need to give them for them to feel you get them, understand them, and value them.
  • Kids want their parents’ approval desperately. Give them approval of things that are good and then add the things they can work on to make it more powerful. That’s how you tie in that limitation!
  • Just do what you think is the right thing to do. And if you misread it, just change your
  • If you and your spouse are total opposites, you must value them as they are, not as you want them to be. Don't wait for your partner because they may never change. Just work on yourself!
  • What can you do if you crush a certain part of your partner’s personality and you want to try to bring it to your focus
  • Taylor shares this simple exercise to help you work on improving your current scenario and bring your best self to your relationships.
  • You don't speak their language. Have them talk about it so you understand what they're really saying and get out of your own color's view.


Supporting Resources:

Book: “The People Code: It’s All About Your Innate Motive” by Taylor Hartman
Website: www.taylorhartman.com
Podcast: “Very Best of Living
Instagram: @hartmanpersonality

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