Episode 105: When You Lose Your Faith: What to Do and Where to Turn

What do you do when you start to lose your faith? A lot of people we love are struggling with their faith right and grasping for truth right now. These are still really trying times as the world is still upside down. Today, we are sharing some simple steps you can take to strengthen your belief in God and build on a foundation of truth that will not let you down.

I’ve felt strongly compelled to share this message THREE times today and I hope it reaches whoever it needs to reach and that the stories we share today will strengthen your faith like they did mine. If you are feeling lost, alone, and far away from God, let this be a message to you that He is there and that He wants to bring you back in. God wants to envelop YOU in His LOVE.

Take whatever steps you need to let God into your life. Be humble and willing to let God direct you because he's just waiting to bless you and give you the direction, faith, joy, and peace you need.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • A story about a man who was nervous to marry truth and his action
  • If it’s true, then what else matters?
  • How you approach questions in life will determine the course of your life and the course of your faith and belief in God
  • Not all questions are equal – Answer the primary questions first and then the secondary questions. How we receive answers to those questions is where our faith can come from.
  • Learning the truth by the process of elimination and attempting to eliminate every doubt will never work.
  • We can't supplement spiritual connection with God with something else.
  • The gospel is truly simple.
  • The times we're supposed to grow the most through our faith is Satan’s opportunity to bring people away from God. But it’s also God's opportunity to help you grow into the next phase of whoever you need to be.
  • Overcoming self-doubt: God doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies those who are called.
  • Finding my confidence in my faith and trust in God
  • Jesus Christ’s promise that when we build upon His rock, we will not fail


Supporting Resources:

Stand Forever” talk by Lawrence E. Corbridge
Book “Navigate the Strait: One Guy’s Thoughts on the Narrow Passage to Eternal Life” by Brad Smith
The Ongoing Restoration” Talk by Gary E. Stevenson
It’s True Isn’t it?” Story by Gordon B. Hinckley

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