Galentine’s day soirée with Macy’s best registry finds!

January 23, 2020

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Kate Spade is the very first brand I ever remember recognizing. From her signature girly-chic style to her classic patterns and colors, Kate Spade is immediately recognizable and globally beloved! Whether it's fashion or home decor, Kate Spade products are a timeless representation of the greatest in style. Macy’s carries an amazing array of Kate Spade dinnerware and this was PERFECT opportunity to use it to host a Galentine's Day soirée!

Salad & Sweets

I wanted to use my new Kate Spade NY show you guys how easy it is to host a “Salads and Sweets” Galentine’s Day lunch! You totally don't have to be overwhelmed by the thought of serving a full meal. I set out salad plates and tiny plates for everyone to use for the small bites. These Tidbits plates are the perfect size when snacking on appetizers or desserts! I love the modern design on both of the accent plates and how well they pair with each other. They are also the perfect complement to elevate a simple white dinner plate when I serve a larger, more traditional meal! I'm looking at you, Easter dinner!

Veggies, then dessert!

I utilized this large salad bowl to display my beautiful salad for the luncheon. How gorgeous are the colors of the salad against the white and gray pattern of the bowl? It just pops! The sleek Hors D'oeuvre tray is perfect to host a variety of desserts or a charcuterie board.

Pour me a glass

One of the things I love most about Kate Spade's line is that you can mix and match the different sets for even more visual interest on your table! In that vein, I'm obsessed with this pitcher! As soon as I saw it I started thinking of a yummy drink I could fill it with at my Galentine's Day party. I'm pouring sparkling pink lemonade in these swirl-designed cups and love the whimsy it brings to the whole look of the tablescape!

Registry ready

If you're on the cusp of engagement or don't know where to start with registering, Macy's is one of the most classic places to register for your wedding! I'm so excited because our culture is finally getting back to basics by starting to register for china again!!! I love the idea of getting a set of beautiful dishes that you can use forever. Kate Spade NYC has so many timeless registry items to add to your list ASAP. The idea of being able to REGISTER for some of her goods is almost too good to be true!

As I was going through the Kate Spade registry items that would be perfect for a party or nicer dinner party, I kept thinking about what I wish I would have had when I first got married! My brother just got married last weekend and I know he and his amazing bride would LOVE any of these kitchen essentials. It would have been so nice to start married life with a solid set of plates and utensils, and these from Kate Spade are such great quality!!

This $100 8-place utensil set is SO clever because it doesn't have all the (mostly unnecessary) duplicates or fancy salad forks, it's just your basic set! Let's be real, most newlyweds don't make 5-course meals! Or if you've been married and are ready to UPGRADE, Kate Spade is a great choice. There tons of options for any family size and are mostly budget friendly, like this 8-place setting that DOES include dual forks and spoons and even serving utensils. 45 total pieces for $200 is a serious steal when you're talking about a line as high-quality and classic as Kate Spade, and the one review they've earned is perfect so that tells me I'm not the only one who thinks so!

Salad Plates
Tidbits Plates
Serving Bowl
Hors D'oeuvre Tray
Maternity Ruffled Dress
Glitter Lace-Up Sneakers
Photos by Arielle Levy

Versatile and classic

I also love the idea of buying special occasion dishes that aren’t kitschy! Of course heart-shaped plates would be darling for a Galentine’s Day party, but I want to get my money's worth! I can’t wait to incorporate these patterned dishes from Macy's in with my favorite white plates to create a whole new look for my next hosted dinner.


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