FINALLY – a stylish smart watch that’s nice enough to wear anywhere

If you haven’t jumped on the smartwatch bandwagon yet, I’m about to give you the best reason ever to take the plunge! Kate Spade just made it’s first ever smartwatch! Are you squealing with excitement? Jumping up and down? Doing your happy dance? I did too!!

I have loved Kate Spade watches for years now and now I have even more reasons to love them! Obsessed with the scalloped edge of their brand spanking new smart watch – so iconically Kate Spade! Plus it’s super classic and totally girly, which you know is kind of my jam! It comes in two leather wristband or one rose gold band option and I had a pretty hard time picking one because I honestly love them all. Perfect neutrals!

A quick side note about my pink ruffle sleeve dress: it’s a lucky maternity find that happened to pair perfectly with the rest of my outfit! I’m wearing it today with some gray maternity tights to try to keep warm in this brisk New York below freezing weather.

The watch has a trio of super fun watch faces to choose from that each focus on different things. The winking watch face if you really want to stay on top of your notifications or the daisy watch face if you’re all about following your fitness progress!

My most favorite feature has got to be the ability to match your watch face to your outfit. Yes, I’m 100% serious. You answer a few quick questions about your outfit, jewelry and time of day and viola! the watch generates a face that perfectly compliments your outfit! How cool is that? It’s the perfect accessory while I’m in New York for Fashion Week because it keeps me in the loop with all my notifications and social without sacrificing style. AND it tracks all my steps so I can eat all the things with Female Foodie guilt free!

 #eatingforfour HA!

A quick word about this bag, because it’s too cute not to mention! Love the way that the flower makes this simple bag totally pop. It’s the perfect size for running around New York!

A great Kate Spade coat lasts forever and this is one of my very favorites! It’s a few years old, but after some serious digging I did find the same coat in classic black here.

Kate Spade Coat (white sold out, Black here)
Pink Ruffle Sleeve dress
Maternity Tights (sold out, similar)
Kate Spade SmartWatch
Glitter Sneakers
Pink flower bag

I’m so excited to attend the Kate Spade presentation today and to have my new Kate Spade watch to keep me on track during this Fashion Week! Follow along on instagram to go to the presentation with me and see all the highlights of the food and fashion we find this week 🙂

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