Fall mantel decor that will last all season long

October 17, 2018

Halloween is right around the corner and my girls ask on the daily where all our Halloween decorations are. When it comes to the holidays I’m more of a Thanksgiving and Christmas girl, but my kids DIE for Halloween! They totally love it. I’m not really much of a fan of bats or bright orange pumpkins all over the house, but I am totally down with all the #fallvibes! And if this speaks to you too, then you’re gonna love today’s post on fall mantel decor.

Our compromise on this year's “halloween decorations” was cute Trader Joe's pumpkins for them and pretty, neutral Fall decor that will last all the way until Thanksgiving for me! Macy's made it even easier to say ‘yes' to Fall decorating, because they're having a big Customer Appreciation Sale that's scary good.

Today, October 17th, through October 21, 2018 save 25% off your purchase at Macy's when you use the code THANKS at checkout!

How cute are these neutral white pumpkins?! And total bonus, you can put a tea light in there for that jack-o-lantern feel minus the big ol' pumpkin mess!

These glass pumpkins might be my very favorite part! The short one makes me think of Cinderella's coach. I absolutely love how they look mixed in with the real pumpkins we got from Trader Joe's! Throw in that natural-leaf pumpkin and you've got one elegant little pumpkin patch.

One of the best tips I got from my mom, who face-timed me and helped me put all of this together in a way that would feel balanced and pretty and natural right when you walked into our home, is to mix fresh with fake. So I pulled in some pumpkins from our front porch along with the branches to make it complete. If your Fall decor is feeling kind of off, try just throwing in some more fresh until it looks right!

The rustic farmhouse style pitcher is a piece that could totally be used all year round. I will take any excuse to fill my house with fresh flowers or even just branches from outside. I had Neil pick these right off a tree in our front yard. SO easy right?!


We also decided to take advantage of Macy's amazing sale prices and snag some cozy pillows (this one is pictured above, and the others are listed below) and throws for family movie nights and snuggle fests! It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, Hocus Pocus, ET, and The Nightmare Before Christmas are Halloween favorites at our house!

Stacking White Pumpkin
Natural-Leaf Pumpkin Decor
Decorative Pitcher
Tall Glass Pumpkin
Short Glass Pumpkin
Heathered Knit Throw
Ivory Lattice Knit Pillow
Cable-Knit Decorative Pillow
Meli Handwoven Decorative Pillow
Photos by Arielle Levy

We rounded up all the very cutest Halloween and Fall home decor that is included in Macy's Customer Appreciation Sale! If you're shopping between October 17-October 21st don't forget to use code THANKS at checkout to save 25% off your purchase. Happy Haunting!

Thank you Macy's and Shopstyle for sponsoring this post.

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Emily Kelly:

Beautiful! Where is your chandelier from? I love it!


Looks lovely! I especially like the natural leaf pumpkin, I will be sure to pick one of those up!

I also love your sweater! Can you tell me where it’s from!?

Thrudy Regan:

Love the look of neutrals! Also, where is you glass fireplace doors from? I’ve been looking for something nice and simple like that 🙂


Corrine isn’t sure…she said it was there when they bought the house! So sorry! -Kourtney

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