collaboration with maskcara: my review of her IIID makeup the list of her most recommended makeup!

i cannot even begin to tell you how excited i am about this post! on a scale of 1-10, i'm like a 13. at least.

at the beginning of this month i got to attend the pinner's conference and there i met one of my favorite people on the planet earth: maskcara. she is one of those girls you kind of want to hate because she's so unbelievably beautiful but you just CANT because she is so dang nice! like really, probably the nicest, sweetest, most down-to-earth person to walk this earth. i just love her and want her to be my real-life best friend. 
anyway, the girls from rue rococo and i attended both of her classes “makeup common dos and donts” and “the best kept secrets in makeup” at pinners and learned all kinds of amazing tips and tricks about makeup that she openly shared! i asked on my instagram if anyone would want that list and about a million people said “yes please!” ha ha, duh. who wouldn't want that? i've bought and tried out most of it and love everything she recommended.  
maskcara's top makeup recommendations
(from pinner's conference):
maskcara's most recommended makeup picks
benefit porefessional primer – another amazing primer
l'oreal infallible gel lacquer liner 24 hour – long lasting and inexpensive
tarte pure marajuca oil – amazing for smoothing skin out before makeup
mac brun – the perfect shade to color in anyone's brows
nyx taupe – the perfect lip liner for everyone!
urban decay all nighter – cara calls this “hairspray for your face.” except it doesn't feel like hairspray it's just a setting spray. she said “if i don't use this i almost feel like it was a waste of makeup.” 
stila in the light – a favorite eyeshadow palette of cara's
lorac pro palette – cara's favorite eyeshadow palette
tomas self tanner – her go-to instant self tanner
ardell wispies – favorite strip lashes. (i was so excited, these are my favorite too!)

and then. as if it wasn't amazing enough to sit through two live hours of classes with cara, she agreed to do a quick little collaboration with me! i almost died of happiness!
she tried out her new IIID makeup, the HAC pack (highlight and contour) on me and can i just say, it is the most amazing makeup i have ever had on my face. ever. i have traditionally been a foundation hater. i swore by bare minerals for years and was so anti anything that would go on in a cream/liquid form. i just mentally felt like anything like that would for sure be cakey and nasty gross. not cara's. her foundation is light, airy, but covers perfectly and has just the right tone! i don't know how she did it exactly, but she seriously perfected foundation. it's the first time i've ever used a concealer and not had it wash me out and given me “white” under-eyes. do you know what i mean? her makeup has a little yellow tone to it (it sounds weird but it's not) that combats that whiteness and gives you a natural look. i have been dying, DYING to get it in my makeup bag. and finally, FINALLY it's available! well, it is friday. 
all you have to do is go to her blog starting midnight EST (10 p.m. MST thurs!) on black friday and it will be live! i wouldn't wait because she has about a bajillion followers who are going to go nuts over this makeup line and i wouldn't be shocked at all if it sold out fast. you can read all about how to use it and her Q&A on it here.

**update** you can order her new iiiD makeup line here
i honestly would buy this if it were $100. it's that good. but luckily for you and me, it's not! she priced it so super fair i think. $26 for the foundation, $14 for the cream blush and $13 for the illuminator. if i had to buy just ONE i'd go for the foundation, hands down. but really i am going to buy all 3 because i am just obsessed. i have been telling everyone like it's my job. because i really do love it that much. and i'm sure you will too!
one last thing, cara is going to do a makeup tour (like a book tour, but cooler) and try her IIID makeup line on as many women as she can! she agreed to come to salt lake and let us host her for an event. could you die? i could. i am dying. i will let you know when it's going to happen. in the meantime, here are the pictures and a cute little video that tif from rue rococo made of cara putting the HAC IIID makeup on me. set your alarms, don't forget to get on your computers at midnight after turkey day and get yourself some of the best makeup man has ever seen. i mean woman. whatevs.
all photos and video by rue rococo


happy thanksgiving, friends!

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  1. Ah man! It is seriously my dream to have my makeup done by Cara! Especially my brows and a HAC job. She's amazing. And I think everyone wishes they could be her real life bff. Thanks for sharing! You're the best!!

    1. right?! so, actually, if you live in the salt lake area, i'm going to be co-hosting an event with her so watch my blog for details! then she really can do the HAC job on you!! 🙂

  2. You look gorgeous! I'm curious what shade foundation she used on you. I'm dying to try her foundation, but I have a pretty good tan so maybe the dark?

    1. thanks so much! i ordered the medium and it has worked really nicely for me, but i get super tan in the summer too so i think when the sun comes back out i'll probably order the dark too 🙂

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