The BEST mattress topper + tips for getting the best sleep possible

I'm in the home stretch of this pregnancy and I could not be more thrilled, or anxious! Mainly because we're so stoked to meet baby sister, but also because it's soooooo hard to sleep when you're 900 weeks pregnant! I've researched everything about getting better sleep while pregnant from the best mattress topper to the highest rated down pillows and TODAY I'm sharing with you some of my best finds and why I think they're a BIG deal when it comes to getting amazing sleep!

The number one thing that has been a TOTAL game changer for me is finding THE BEST mattress topper and I knew I wanted a memory foam mattress topper to cushion these growing curves, so after massive amounts of research on the best mattress topper, I settled on this Serta Soothing Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper!

It really is THE best mattress topper and an absolute dream come true. Literally, because something about the cushioning it creates allows me to actually get a decent night's sleep! I've noticed that when I've slept away from home without it that I absolutely do not sleep as well. I'm also absolutely in love with the cooling feature of this best mattress topper of all time ever. If you watch my Instastories you know it's been air conditioner wars at our house (more on that in a minute!0 and this has helped a ton!

Thanks to Kohl's super affordable prices we were able to get their HIGHEST rated mattress topper without breaking the bank, and I've been extremely happy with how much MORE comfortable I've been this pregnancy sleeping on my side than my last two. I really think getting the best mattress topper possible made a WORLD of difference.

See how my hand print stays for a minute in this mattress topper? I'm dying that I didn't have this best mattress topper in my last two pregnancies to cradle my hips and belly and everything that always seems to ache while you're growing a human.

Can you see how having the best mattress topper like this memory foam topper just makes your pregnant body just sink into the mattress and feel so supported and comfy? It's the only way I've found I can get comfortable enough to fall asleep!!

Another must-have for getting the best sleep possible is a REALLY good pillow. Neil and I tried out these top-rated memory foam cooling pillows and although they were comfy to lay on, we are both so conditioned to sleeping with down pillows that we ended up swapping them for these highly rated classic goose down and feather pillows. Soft, but not too soft and an AMAZING price for real down pillows! A lot of other down pillows I've looked at are $150+ for ONE pillow, but these are currently priced at under $50 a piece!

I tried every weird and wacky pregnancy pillow out there with my first two pregnancies and found that ultimately, the best sleep possible happened when I just slept with two big king size pillows like this classic goose down and feather pillow. I've talked to a lot of other friends who feel the same, plus after your pregnancy you're not stuck with a body pillow the size of Texas to try to store somewhere in your house along with the other slew of brand new baby items that just entered your place of residence!!

Temperature is a BIG DEAL and yes, this has been a hot topic in our marriage (ha!) but for good reason. Pregnant women get hot soooo easily and for anyone, not just a pregnant woman, the ideal temperature to sleep at is anywhere between 60-67, or 65-72, depending on which online source you ask, and the most comfortable temperature for ME has been 68 degrees. All I can say is, if you're waking up sweating and uncomfortable, try sleeping at a cooler temp with an extra blanket and shedding layers as you get hot throughout the night!

Also this has nothing to do with sleeping well, BUT so many people have asked me a million times to help them find a california king size bedskirt and I FINALLY found a really cute, neutral, affordable cal king bed skirt YAY!! It comes in 4 neutral shades – we have it in plain white.

Serta SoothingCool 3-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Stripe Goose Down & Feather Pillow
White Ruffle Bed Skirt
Similar tan bedding
Master bedroom details
Maternity tee
Sweat pants
Photos by Arielle Levy

I hope these sleeping tips helped you guys a little, whether you're pregnant or not, and that if you've been searching for the best mattress topper that you give this one a try because I really think you'll be SO HAPPY!!!

I wanted to make sure to tell you too that during Kohl's home sale you can save big on all your must-haves for a great night's sleep and beyond. Between 07/13/2018 and 07/29/2018 you can save $10 off $50 for home items in store and online with the promo code HOME10. PLUS earn $10 Kohl's Cash for every $50 spent from 07/13-07/18.

We rounded up some of our favorite items from the Kohl's Home Sale below!

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  1. Will you use your topper after you have the baby? And does it have a smell to it.? I bought a cooling pillow once and the smell almost killed me toxic smell.

    1. YES we absolutely will keep using this after baby, and no it honestly didn’t have a smell to it at all. I just asked Neil to confirm and he said no too!

    1. I honestly still absolutely love it and so does Neil!! It’s not too stiff but especially with pregnancy I do love having a memory foam mattress topper, which I posted about today here!

  2. I noticed the mattress topper from Kohl’s doesn’t come in California King size. Can you recommend an alternative?

    1. Hi! Corrine is still on maternity leave. We will be sure to get back to you with an answer when she is available 🙂 -Kourtney

    2. Hey Marcy! Corrine said that the mattress topper was available in California King when she ordered it, that is the one they have! 🙂 Maybe keep checking back to see if they restock! -Kourtney

  3. We have a really great gel foam mattress topper that I love sinking into at the end of each day. My one problem is keeping the topper in place on the mattress. It slides to the side and has to be repositioned every 3rd or 4th day. Any suggestions to remedy this sliding?

    1. Hi! Corrine said theirs slides around a little too and it bugs her too! She wishes she knew how to make it stay in place! -Kourtney

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