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I used drugstore moisturizers ONLY for 28 days – these were my results!

August 29, 2018

Skincare – it's REALLY important. The older you get, the more important it is. And according to my recent post on drugstore beauty faves, you guys REALLY love drugstore picks! So today I'm sharing my experience with sticking to ONE drugstore brand of moisturizer and eye gel for a month, what my results were, and why I think everyone should try this.

If you follow me on Instagram you already know that earlier this month, I jumped into a 28-day challenge with Olay! I was 100% ALL IN on this challenge because a) I've loved Olay for YEARS – it was actually the very first brand of moisturizer my mom ever bought for me, b) my grandma who's in her 80s and has perfect skin has exclusively used Olay for decades, and c) I knew it would be really valuable to my readers for me to try JUST using a drugstore moisturizer for 28 days to see exactly how my skin would respond and just how good the results could be.

The timing for this challenge was absolutely perfect. Since having Millie mid-July, I've been too tired to do a super extravagant routine, so this has been a great way to take care of myself without spending hours at the bathroom sink every night.

Honestly my favorite thing about this challenge, which I totally didn't expect, was using the Deep Hydrating Eye Gel. As you can imagine, I'm a total walking zombie lately with round-the-clock feedings for Millie! I really feel like this gel helped give my eyes that I'm awake! look. It has a cooling effect, so it was really soothing to use on my eyes, especially in the morning. For an extra cool treat, pop yours into the fridge before you use it so it's really cooling!!

If I had to choose a number one favorite thing about the Olay Total Effects line, it would be the price. I love that you can get these products at Walmart, and the quality at this price point is unbeatable! With those dry winter months coming up, the Total Effects line would be a great way to keep your skin soft and hydrated all day, and it's so nice to have that SPF 15 already included in my morning moisturizer so I know I'm protected from the sun. It just makes for less hassle and less stress which I desperately need right now!

My results from using Olay Total Effects exclusively (and I seriously mean exclusively – I didn't cheat once with any high-end moisturizers or serums or anything!) was that my very tired, dried up skin drank up that moisture every single time I applied it to my face. I felt like my skin looked more plump, definitely more hydrated, and my makeup glided on right over the 7 in one moisturizer. I for sure went through a period there for a few days after giving birth to Millie where my self care took a bit of a nose dive when you combine c-section recovery with sleepless nights and constant breastfeeding, so this challenge really helped my skin recover from all that physical turmoil I went through!

I have ZERO makeup on in these after photos, and I feel like you really can see how healthy and glowy my skin was after this 28 day challenge.

I don't know that my skin went through any radical changes after using Olay exclusively for 28 days. Did it completely change my life? No … but I feel like if you're looking for a SOLID choice that's really affordable to use as an everyday moisturizer, this one is absolutely perfect. On a budget? Buying for a teenager? Looking for something that will do a beautiful job without totally breaking the bank, that you can pick up on your next trip to a drugstore? Want some affordable eye gel to pick up tired eyes or just treat yourself? This Olay 7-in-One Total Effects and Deep Hydrating Eye Gel is 100% what I would recommend.

I loved taking the Olay 28-Day Challenge! It was such a good boost to my self-care routine, it forced me to make sure I was washing my face AND moisturizing a couple times a day, and I loved giving my skin the moisture and glow it was craving since I've been breastfeeding. If your skin is craving a little extra TLC, I totally recommend giving it a try!

Deep Hydrating Eye Gel
Pink Wrap top
Photos by Arielle Levy

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Love Olay! It was the first moisturizer my mom bought for me as a teenager too.
Random PS: What color nail polish are you wearing in this post? Such a cute bright pink!


Oh shoot I wish I could remember the name of this one … it was OPI but I don’t remember the exact name I’m sorry! I chose it right after I had Millie because I needed something bright and cheery 🙂


Hi! Do you think you’ll continue to use these products now that you’ve completed the 28 day challenge? Also, how would you say this compares to elemis?


I really love these products and will for sure use them sometimes, but I love a lot of the other skincare in my bathroom that I’ll probably go back to now that I’m done with the challenge 🙂 My point in doing this was to really give a drugstore brand a try, for 28 days, to see the results after sticking to just one brand for that amount of time and I’m really happy with the overall results!

Neha Nagori:

Did you use the same SPF 15 moisturizer when indoor or at night time?


Hey Neha,
I did use this same moisturizer for 28 days, even if I was just staying in or at night! Hope that helps 🙂

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