BEST baby gifts for Christmas

December 10, 2018

I'm pretty sure babies are Santa's favorite people because hello, they're ALWAYS on the nice list, everything is cuter in miniature, and they're still small enough that you can give them socks or toys and they're equally happy haha. I've definitely found some tried-and-true favorites with my girls over the years, so this baby gift guide is filled with ideas that are both useful and adorable to gift to the little ones and new or soon-to-be parents in your life this Christmas! So if you've been searching for the best baby gifts to give this Christmas, look no further.

Millie's dress
Millie's headband
Millie's moccasins

1. Mermaid Knit Doll – the first gift we give to our babies is usually a stuffed toy animal, and this one is SO CUTE!
2. Wubbanub – SO nice for helping baby keep their paci in their mouth (see it on my best baby registry list too!)
3. Squirtie Bath Toy Set – these are super cute and babies love bath toys for bath, beach or pool days!
4. SKIP HOP Unicorn Activity Gym – Millie has this and absolutely loves it. I love that it's one of the prettier activity mats I've seen too.
5. Organic baby footed jammies – these are so cozy and thick and perfect for Winter. I can't get enough of these for Millie!!
6. Dockatot – the magical cloud of baby heaven that all babies love for just chilling, naps, and Millie even loves sleeping in here when we travel. We have a discount through Friday for you on our instagram for Dockatot!
7. Best baby socks EVER – I don't know how I randomly found these baby socks but they are legit the best! They go up mid calf and stay on nice and SUPER snug. I am obsessed!!!
8. Rock N Play – this is one of my favorite things for a group gift or a something just under $100 to give to someone close to me who's having a baby. SO NICE for setting them down while you get something quick done or for naps when they're still super little. We've used this religiously with all 3 babies!
9. Baby shusher – this thing is SO GREAT for getting your babies to nap while out and about! It made it on my new favorite baby items list earlier this year.
10. Baby banana toothbrush – ever notice how all babies and toddlers love toothbrushes?! This one is so soft and perfect for teething but still has gummy bristles that feel good on teething gums!

Whether you go with something cuddly, useful, or sentimental, you can't go wrong with anything on this list! Hope it helps you find your cute little cherub the perfect gift this Christmas. Stay tuned because we have LOTS more helpful gift guides coming at you this week!!!

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