My favorite Amazon sweaters and leggings – all under $39!

It's been a minute since I've talked about my current Amazon faves, and since we're still in the thick of sweater weather, I thought I would share the pieces I've been wearing on repeat the past few weeks with you! And let's be honest – Amazon can be an overwhelming place to shop with so many brands and so many choices. That's why my goal with this post is to make your next Amazon shopping spree a breeze by finding the best sweaters (and leggings) for you!

My sweater search consisted of combing and combing and combing through Amazon's most popular and highest rated sweaters, and all the pieces below ended up being my favorites that did NOT disappoint! Not only are they Mint Arrow approved, but they're also all under $39. It's pretty much impossible to find sweaters and leggings of this quality at SUCH affordable prices, but somehow Amazon did it again with their “everything-you-could-ever-need” magic, ha!

amazon sweaters
Similar Satchel
Pointy Toe Bootie
Knot Turban Hairband
Photos by Arielle Levy

First things first – let's talk leggings

All of these sweaters (with the exception of one that I will point out) are SO perfect to wear with leggings! And the leggings I am wearing here get a 5/5, PERFECT rating from me. Hands down.

Reasons why I LOVE these leggings:

  1. They're so thick that they are not see-through in the slightest.
  2. They do not collect ANY fuzzies (a HUGE win for black leggings, ha!)
  3. The material is what you want when you are looking to wear leggings with a dressier outfit. Sometimes leggings look a little too slick (like you should be working out in them), and although you totally can wear these to work out, the material LOOKS like they are meant to be worn with nice sweater combos (but without the see-through, pick-up-every-piece-of-lint texture of normal cotton leggings!).
  4. They're high-waisted with no sag whatsoever.
  5. They have a really subtle logo on the back, instead of on the calf where you can usually see it with a sweater/legging/short bootie ensemble. They are really just made for the sweater-legging style and I am HERE for it.

I seriously wear these so much that they have been MORE than worth every single penny. And the fact that they are only $39 blows me away! My other favorite leggings are $59, so these are such a great price for the quality that you're getting. If you need more convincing, you can read the 1,000+ super high reviews!

amazon leggings and sweater outfit

Bold in gold

This chunky turtleneck is truly golden, and it's one of my favorite sweaters I've ever purchased. (!!!) Now, that's saying something, because I've had a pretty long track record of sweaters in my closet, ha. If you watched my Instagram Stories recently, you may have seen me wearing this – and I have to say, I got a ton of DMs that day just because there were so many questions on this outfit! It is just flattering and fun and effortless (even though it doesn't look effortless, which is the best part about it!).

Reasons I love this golden sweater:

1) It has full coverage in the front so that it covers your whole torso. It's the perfect length to wear with the leggings I just mentioned!

2) It's super cozy comfy, the material is top notch.

3) The coloring! I loved this subtle pop of color – it turned out to be such a pretty yellow.

4) It matched perfectly with one of my most favorite headbands! This sweater and this headband make a fun combo, and (side note) a nice outfit you can wear with dirty hair because the headband covers that right up, ha! And this headband is not headache inducing, so it really is one of my favorites ever. I'm usually super picky when it comes to headbands, but I'm obsessed with this one!


gold sweater amazon

The “make a statement” sweater

This sweater comes with strong features and I absolutely love it! It's totally a statement piece with the turtleneck paired with the batwing sleeves, and ventures out from your average and typical sweater style. If you are looking for something different and fashionable to add to your winter closet, this sweater is IT! And just because this sweater is fashionable and a statement piece doesn't mean you'll only wear it a couple times during the season. I wear this sweater so much that I get sad when it's in the wash, ha! I currently have it in nutmeg, but I am actually considering getting it in another color (pink maybe?) because I love it that much.

Reasons I love this batwing sleeve turtleneck:

  1. It has a really flattering cut that is super cute with leggings, which is always my jam.
  2. It is an effortless throw-on that looks like a super fashionable outfit choice.
  3. It has a super cute, asymmetric, minimalist pattern (all the rage right now!)
  4. It ships with Amazon Prime! (Yay!)


The loose pullover of your dreams

There's something I just love about a chunky knit, loose sweater. It's so easy to throw on, and a loose fit always means cozy which I'm all about these days. This is the one sweater I personally would not wear with leggings just because the cut doesn't cover your full torso, but it looks SO dang cute with jeans. So if you're not really a legging person, I think this choice would be the perfect addition to your closet!

Reasons I love this loose pullover:

  1. It has the cutest chunky knit texture.
  2. It is so comfy because of its loose style!
  3. It comes in TONS of cute colors (I chose the yellow again for this one, but I'm kind of wishing I got it in camel – SO pretty!)
  4. It would be perfect with white jeans, denim, or even colored jeans (depending on what color of sweater you buy!)
  5. It has over 9,000 super high reviews!


The oversized cardigan you'll wear again and again

This kimono oversized cardigan is the COMFIEST cardigan ever. It's what you reach for when you just want to feel cozy and relaxed. Whether it's an errand-running day, or work-from-home day, when I'm craving comfy vibes this is the sweater I run to. I love wearing it because I still feel “ready for the day” while feeling super loungey at the same time, you know what I mean? Ha!

Similar shoes – ONLY $39!!!

Reasons I love this oversized cardi:

  1. Comfy to the max.
  2. Perfect with leggings or jeans or pretty much anything! I like to wear this with leggings if I have a longer shirt underneath, I love to throw it on right after a workout if I have to run somewhere real quick, and it's my favorite thing to wear to the beach on a chilly morning or evening. This sweater is really just SO versatile, you seriously can wear it ALL the time, ha!
  3. The knit texture is so cute, and I love the batwing sleeves on this one, too.
  4. It has over 4,000 highly rated reviews, so I'm not the only one who loves it!

SWEATER PRICE POINT: $28.16 (28% off right now!)

cute sweaters
Similar Satchel
Pointy Toe Bootie
Knot Turban Hairband
Photos by Arielle Levy

It's never been easier (or more affordable!) to shop for sweaters and leggings

Amazon does it again with the cutest sweaters and the best quality leggings, ALL under $39. It's really almost unbelievable how much bang you can get for your buck without even leaving your couch! I'm super excited for you to try some of these out, too – especially when Amazon returns are SO easy if needed. But I feel confident that you'll love what shows up on your doorstep, and it's always a HAPPY mail day when you see an Amazon package on your porch! Which sweater is your favorite?

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