Episode 150: Getting to Know God with David Butler

David Butler is a religion teacher, speaker, writer, podcaster, YouTuber and someone who's constantly in my ear teaching me little golden nuggets about the gospel of Jesus Christ! Dave started hosting a YouTube and podcast episode each week with his friend Emily Belle Freeman, where they follow the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ scripture study guide called Come Follow Me and tell you what you don't want to miss in the scriptures that week. I got to sit down today and talk all about some of my very favorite topics with David: the Bible, Jesus, the Christmas story, how to connect with the scriptures, and a whole lot more. I'm telling you that this interview just gets better and better so stick around till the end for sure. His insights on the nativity and setting the scene for when Jesus was born were the perfect gift to me this Christmas season and I know it will be for you too.


Time Stamps:

[00:56] – You may have heard of David Butler. David gives a short story about his evolution of creating content for connecting with the scripture.

[02:48] – What started Don’t Miss This for David and Emily?

[04:24] – How does David make scripture more interesting for people who feel disconnected?

[07:07] – David says people can train themselves to make scripture reading feel more interactive.

[08:44] – Listen to this example of interacting with the scripture as David explores why there are no “bad guys” or “good guys” in the scriptures.

[11:30] – Is prophecy a set-up? David talks through the different perspectives of the crucifixion.

[14:30] – David shares what the cross symbolizes in his life.

[16:26] – David discusses knowing sacrifice and love through scripture.

[18:56] – Across religion, people choose different contexts for symbols to help connect to the scripture.

[21:51] – David says he is a sentimental type that connects with symbolism.

[24:44] – How does David invite people to be more connected?

[27:10] – David encourages using examples and evidence instead of trying to use convincing and pressuring tactics.

[29:35] – Corrine and David reflect on being more relationship-centered when approaching scripture.

[32:27] – Here are David’s suggestions for feeling more connected with the scripture and the scene of nativity.

[35:13] – Corrine and David talk about Christmas episodes.

[37:11] – David gives context to the scene of nativity in a realistic perspective of the people in the story being human like the rest of us.

[39:55] – Corrine brings up memories of what David’s descriptions are making her recall. How does this connect to the “lowest of lows”?

[41:49] – You can find God in your story, even in a garbage dump. David explains why.

[44:21] – What should people do if they can’t get interested in the Old Testament? Here is David’s advice for reading the Old Testament.

[46:03] – David warns that when reading the Old Testament, everyone should assume the best in the context.

[49:03] – David gives a bonus tip for reading the Old Testament and encourages everyone to know that their personal story is not over.

[52:49] – We are here to be happy and to have joy.


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