Episode 106: Betsy & Gentry Mikesell on Miracles and The Power of Prayer After an Almost Fatal Plane Crash

If you're in the mood for an incredibly uplifting and inspiring story on the power of prayer and miracles, you are going to love today's episode!

Betsy Mikesell, co-founder of Beddy’s, and her husband Gentry share with me their crazy story of getting on a small airplane and crash-landing, and the miracles that followed as her husband Gentry faced life-or-death circumstances – and is still learning to walk again today. In fact, Gentry was able to take a video and capture the final moments before the crash which they’ve shared on their YouTube channel.

Today, they share some very tender experiences with prayer, how this trial has changed their family, and a lesson they learned to truly treat every single day they’re alive as a GIFT.

This is such a beautiful story of the power of prayer, of miracles and blessings, of peace, hope, and love – indeed, a true testament that we always have angels around us to give us the comfort and support we need. And as for the Mikesell family, the field where their plane landed that one fateful day was heaven right there.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Betsy and Gentry going on a plane ride despite a few people stopping them from doing it
  • The plane had an engine failure once they came over the mountains so they had to do a crash landing.
  • A number of people were running towards the plane to help them – one of them was an EMT!
  • Despite the crashing and leaking in the heat of the day, the plane and the field miraculously didn't catch on fire.
  • Their 18-year-old daughter Alyssa asking the chaplain to give her dad a blessing
  • Gentry suffered so many major injuries from the crash that he even had to have 10 blood transfusions
  • Betsy getting her strength from her kids and how the crash changed their relationship with each other
  • How a priesthood blessing gives us comfort and hope, no matter what you believe in and what your religion is
  • Gentry’s testimony of prayer, the power of collective prayer, and how prayer played a big role in what they went through
  • People from all faiths coming together for the same purpose of praying for Gentry’s recovery
  • The many miracles that happened on the day of the crash and the angels who helped them
  • Another beautiful testament of the miracles from someone who witnessed the crash landing


Supporting Resources:

Instagram @betsymikesell
Video of the plane crash on The Mikesell Family YouTube channel
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