Episode 093: A Bountiful Kitchen’s Thanksgiving Dinner Tips! My Questions (and Yours), Her Answers

Thanksgiving is NEXT THURSDAY!!! Are you ready? Are you hosting? Are you wondering how the heck to cook everything and have it ready AND HOT at the same time? Wondering how to cook a turkey without drying it out? What to do to prepare, or what to make ahead, or what you can buy this week, or how much turkey you should actually make to have leftovers, or if you can defrost a turkey in the microwave the day of?

If you've answered yes to ANY of these questions, then today's podcast is just for you. I'm getting ready to host my very first Thanksgiving dinner like a real grown-up and since my mom, Si Foster of A Bountiful Kitchen, is away living in Spain serving a full-time mission, I knew I needed to call her up and have a candid convo asking all my questions about what I needed to do to be prepared.

So I figured, why not have this conversation on the podcast and share all her many, MANY years of wisdom on how to put on a Thanksgiving feast (and have it hot all at the same time!) with all of you!

In this episode, you will hear:

  • What to prepare weeks before Thanksgiving
  • How to avoid Thanksgiving dinner mistakes
  • The magic of cooking a turkey in a bag!
  • Cooking tips and timeline
  • Turkey shopping tips: organic turkey, turkey sizes, turkey leftovers
  • How and when to thaw a frozen turkey (TIP: not on the day of – please!)
  • Making your gravy and sauces – the easier and yummier way!
  • Stuffing basics: How and when to prepare them
  • The best way to cook mashed potatoes
  • Can’t cook? – What are the things you can just buy instead?
  • Why you need to make your own stuffing!
  • Recommended roll and pie recipes (and some amazing prepping tips)
  • Should you cut the pie right out of the oven?
  • How to make sure ALL the food is HOT at the same time
  • Get your kids involved – things they can do!
  • What to do when you only have ONE oven
  • Remembering what Thanksgiving is really all about


Supporting Resources:
Si’s Blog: https://abountifulkitchen.com/
Instagram: @abountifulkitchen
Si’s “How to Host Thanksgiving Dinner” post

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