How to make hand-me-downs last!

Any of my long-time readers know that finding amazing deals on super cute clothes for myself and my family is my JAM. But once those items are in my closet and have become a regularly-worn favorite, they can look worn down so fast without proper TLC! After all, being able to wear an item again and again is part of what makes the deal so good, right?!

To keep my clothes looking as sharp and bright as the day I brought them home, lately I've been LOVING Downy Nature Blends, added to every load of laundry. It's plant-based, has a bit of coconut oil, keeps the fibers in my clothing soft, and the scents it comes in are subtle and fresh.

With (almost!) three little girls, I totally appreciate the longevity that a reliable detergent and fabric conditioner gives their clothing. With proper care, my favorite pieces become hand-me-downs that look brand new and stand the test of time. There's nothing like seeing a new baby in her older sister's clothing–talk about nostalgia! Or even sweeter, one of your kids in YOUR old clothes!


My girls have both been obsessed with this old dress of mine that (luckily!) my mom saved for me! I wore it to my dad's Law School graduation, Anabelle wore it a couple times to church when she was about 3, and now Lyla wants to wear it ALL THE TIME. It's obviously a huge priority to me to keep this dress in the best shape possible, so that baby sister #3 has a chance to wear this favorite family dress too, so I love washing it in a gentle cycle with my detergent and Downy Nature Blends to help it stick around for all the sisters in this family to have a chance to wear, and (obviously!) for mama to get a few fun pics of each girl in this family dress too.


I love that there aren't any dyes or parabens included in Downy Nature Blends, and I like I said earlier, it's PLANT BASED!! I'm so excited to wash all the things with this new Downy fabric conditioner to keep everyone's clothes and bedding in the house soft and fresh and make it all last just a little longer.

Floral Kimono
Apricot Dress
Photos by Arielle Levy

You can get Downy Nature Blends at our favorite store to frequent – Target! AND right now I have an exclusive Cartwheel offer so you can try Downy Nature Blends with a 15% discount!



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