Amazon Echo Look – why it’s cool and what it can do to simplify your fashion life!

For the past couple weeks on instagram, I’ve been taking you into my cloffice to show you the brand new Amazon Echo Look. I’ve mentioned before how much we love Alexa in our house. We use Alexa to order food, play our favorite Pandora stations and so much more! Alexa is kind of like our Rosie or Mr. Belvedere (if you were a child of the 80’s you know what I’m talking about!). The Echo Look is like Alexa for your closet and it’s about to be your new bestie!

I absolutely love that it’s voice activated and takes full length photos of your outfit. All you have to do is pose in front of the camera and say “Alexa, take a picture.” Now you don’t have to worry about your phone covering your face (or part of your outfit) while you snap a picture! I’ve been using the Amazon Echo Look as a way to catalog my outfits and help track what I have and what I need. Have you ever put together the perfect outfit thinking you had a certain pair of shoes and then realized too late that you let your mom “borrow” them or gave them away in your last closet purge? It’s the worst! With the Amazon Echo Look this never has to happen again!

The Style Check is also a way cool feature. Just take a photo of two outfits, submit them to Echo Look app, and get a second opinion about what looks best in about a minute. Neil will be the first to tell you that fashion is not his forte. If he had his way he would still be wearing Affliction tee shirts! (Don’t worry I did away with those years ago 😉

The Style Check allows you to ask Alexa for a second opinion on what looks best when you have a husband who might not! Ha!

Using the Echo Look app you can create a personal lookbook and browse all your outfits. That makes me feel just like Cher in Clueless. As if!

Another super neat feature is that you can ask the Amazon Echo Look to take a short video so that you can see your outfit from every angle. Sometimes you just really need to know how your bum looks in those pants! Now you totally can!

 Say hello to your new fashion cataloging, opinionated bestie and sign up to be invited to the Amazon Echo Look here today!

Amazon Echo Look
Leopard Dress
Photos by Arielle Levy

Thanks Amazon Fashion and Amazon Echo Look for sponsoring this post!


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