Tumi luggage 40% off!

I’ve had MANY readers over time beg me to find a smokin deal on Tumi luggage, and the Tumi luggage sales been very few and far between. But you guys – this Tumi deal is SO GOOD.

So good I jumped on it immediately and bought myself one of the famed Tumi Tegra Lite suitcases for our upcoming trip and oh boy did I fall in love. Like the same love I found myself in as a fourteen year old watching *NSYNC in a music video.

Okay back to the deals!

Right now you can get up to 40% off Tumi luggage here, until January 31, 2016.

I bought myself the Tumi Tegra Lite Large Trip Packing Case in Camo and I. AM. OBSESSED.

It’s big, but not too big if you know what I mean. And what I mean is, I packed this baby FULL for our trip to the Dominican Republic (yep, that’s where I’m headed right now!!!!) and it weighed in at exactly 43 pounds when we checked in. That, my friends, is perfection. When I can stuff my suitcase full but I’m still underweight? Yes freaking please.

It’s also lightweight but SUPER hardcore protective. That means I’m not paranoid that my stuff’s going to get damaged when it goes through a nuclear war getting thrown, tossed, and mangled into and across cargo areas, conveyer belts and who knows where the heck else those things have to go.

I’m extremely picky about my luggage and I honestly think this may be my favorite piece ever. I specifically picked the camo because I hate standing there waiting for your luggage to come across the conveyer belt and having to double-check every single piece that rolls by to see if it’s yours or the random person standing next to you. This one’s going to be super easy to spot. But not so obnoxious that I’ll be embarrassed to carry it. However, I wouldn’t complain if this came in a hot pink or something. At all. Just saying.

I’m tempted to get the matching Tumi Tegra Lite Continental Carry-On in Camo since it’s 40% off too!

Make sure you grab yours before they sell out or the sale goes away on Jan 31.

p.s. photo details:
stripe scarf
pink sunnies (ON SALE!)
tan one-piece swimsuit
bow toe wedges

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