TUBBY TODD exclusive flash sale!

tubby todd gift set

hey mamas (and dadas!) have i got a treat for you today!!

tubby todd – one of my very favorite baby companies – is offering my readers an exclusive deal on their holiday gift set!

but first, a little about why we LOVE tubby todd.

so i'll be honest, when i first tried out tubby todd when we just had anabelle, i was like, “cool, okay. it smells good. but so does the other baby bath soap we've used.” and that was that.

then came our little lulu (one of lyla's many nicknames). her sweet little baby soft skin broke out into serious eczema within a few weeks of her birth, and immediately my mind turned back to multiple posts i had seen on social media from my friends who were singing tubby todd's praises for miraculously healing their little ones' eczema. and immediately i went from “sure whatever” to “WHERE IS THAT TUBBY TODD STUFF?!”

and i was literally blown away that quickly after switching out our grocery-store baby soap to tubby todd, her eczema completely cleared up! and you guys it was bad before that. it went from bad to gone within a week. full disclosure: i was also breastfeeding and started taking an enzyme supplement that she was getting daily, so i'm not sure if that helped at all or not! email me if you're breastfeeding and want more info on that one.

Photo Dec 15, 7 33 54 AM

now that we've swapped everything for tubby todd i love how gentle it is on their skin, and we've loved the all-over ointment for bad rashes, the dream cream for our trips to utah when everyone's skin dries up like the sahara desert (because duh, it IS the desert!), the lotion for everyday use, oh and the bubble bath. we use that stuff up like it's going out of style. anabelle is so spoiled, she doesn't even like the bath unless it has tubby bubbles in it now! and the spray is so nice for all that time when your baby is spitting up a lot but you can't give them 12 thousand baths a day. a little spritz of this freshens everything up!

tubby todd bubble bathtubby todd lotion

so we are pretty thrilled to team up with tubby todd and bring you an EXCLUSIVE flash sale!

today and tomorrow, or until we sell out (whichever comes first!) you can get the tubby todd gift set for 15% off plus free shipping with code TUBBYARROW at checkout!

this set is such a great gift for anyone who's expecting a baby, or anyone who has a new baby or toddlers. it includes everything you see below, in the cutest packaging, so you don't even have to wrap! that, mamas, is winning.


we also only have a limited number of these available, and i wouldn't be surprised if they disappear before the sale is over so get yours quick!

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  1. Do you still use/recommend tubby todd for severe eczema? I have an 8 week old who has severe eczema and nothing seems to be working that I have tried.

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