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November 14, 2016

Today we have a HUGE surprise in store for you!!! I've teamed up with some of my very favorite baby AND mama brands to majorly spoil one reader before all of you leave to do your holiday travels, with all of my favorite brands to travel with.

I know traveling with littles can be stressful! There are a few things we've learned along the way that help with keeping everyone safe and happy and I'm dying that we get to give ALL of this away. The total prize package is worth more than $5,000 so I really hope you take a couple seconds at the bottom to enter!!

If you've ever read my best baby registry list ever, you know we swear by Tubby Todd. Their soaps and lotions are the only thing that keep my baby's skin soft and free of eczema, and I'm SO excited that they just came out with their travel kit! They're giving away a $300 credit to their store. Soap for a year anyone?!!

You all know I'm a serious stroller hoarder and every mom needs a good stroller to stay sane when traveling with littles, and you also all know I'm a huge fan of BOB strollers. I'm beyond thrilled to offer you guys a chance to win the BOB stroller of your choice, and yes that includes the brand new 2016 BOB duallie!! The handlebar is adjustable, the undercarriage basket is bigger, the foot break is nicer. It's pretty incredible if you ask me!

Next up is a car seat because whether you're getting to grandma's by car or by plane, you need a safe seat either way! We are SUPER into the brand new Britax Clicktight seats that make installation extremely easy. You literally just click the seatbelt into the carseat and you're set, making it much more likely that you'll actually install the seat correctly! Winner will get to pick one clicktight car seat of their choice.

Notice how Ani has a couple snacks in her hand to stay happy and entertained? We are obsessed with Munchkin products and we never go anywhere without Munchkin's snack catcher and miracle cup! They're giving away two of their most popular items, their baby gate with an LED light and their STEP diaper pail plus a $250 gift card!

I LOVE my maskcara makeup and I'm even more obsessed with how easy it is to travel with!! I can literally get my makeup on and be ready in 3 minutes with Cara's makeup. Every mom should have this! She's giving away a filled double decker compact so all of your makeup travel needs will be covered.

The next travel item that goes with us everywhere: our 4moms breeze! It sounds cheesy but it honestly is a breeze to set up – like it pops into place in under 10 seconds flat.

Everybody needs a good diaper bag when you travel with littles and I can't get over how sleek and stylish the jujube legacy is! It converts from a backpack to a shoulder strap so you can really wear it however you want. Jujube is giving away a $300 credit so you can get all ready for holiday travel.

A lot of people like to run away somewhere warm this time of year so I am highly recommending my new favorite swimsuit line: raising wild! These suits are designed for a mom chasing littles and I love that they come in mommy and me designs. Raising wild is also giving away $300 to shop their suits.

And last but not least, my kids are happiest when they are comfy when we travel! That's why I picked Rags to Raches because her rompers are SO COMFY, and so easy. ONE outfit! No matching pants and tops or skirts or leggings or any of that. Plus I mean come on – how cute are they? $300 gift card to their shop too if you win!

Corrine's dress
Corrine's duster
Corrine's booties
Lyla's black sneakers
Ani's gray sneakers
All photos by Jordan Zobrist

Okay now that you know why we love all of these brands, are you ready to enter?!?! Get lucky below! And to see the full description of the prize package, go here.

Giveaway ends FRIDAY so tell all your friends to enter too!

Holiday Travel Giveaway

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Pam B:

What a great giveaway! I’d love to share this stuff with my pregnant SIL 🙂 and I’m potentially pregnant with our 3rd babe! Thanks!!


This is amazing! I’m talking like Ellen’s Mother’s Day show amazing!! Thank you!!


Amazing giveaway!! Hope to win!

Rachelle W.:

Oh my goodness i am DYING! I have two little girls and since we moved from Utah to Pennsylvania for my husband to go to grad school we have been doing SO much traveling! I’m in desperate need of a new car seat, my double stroller just broke, and we don’t have a pack-n-play (how we’ve got away without one for this long I still don’t know)! Haha! This would be SO amazing! I love all of these brands! Thank you so much for this opportunity! @rachellewarner

Amanda Elizabeth Glowacki:

I love seeing what you do with 2 girls. I am currently due for my second girl in early Feb. God help me – mine will be 13 months apart. Could really use this stuff 🙂 Amazing giveaway!!


Awesome giveaway. I hope for the BOB!! 2 kids 15 months apart needs a good double stroller


Awesome collection of baby gear! Would especially love the BOB!


Semi-unrelated question but what camera do use to take these pictures? They are gorgeous!

PS is it bad I’m not even a mom and want to enter this contest? ? Haha I won’t though so a deserving mommy can win!


For that shoot I had a photographer named Jordan Zobrist and she’s great@

Jenny D:

Wow this is an incredible giveaway and I literally am in need of every single item for my two littles! And mama is in desperate need of some makeup. Fingers crossed!!!


Oh what an amazing giveaway! With upcoming travel this would be such a blessing to win!


This giveaway is AMAZING! This would be such a huge win for traveling with our two year old twins.

Victoria Moreland:

What an amazing list of prizes! We will be busy traveling in the car for an 8hr. trip over the holidays with 3 kids under 5!

McCall Johnson:

That was easy! Thanks!


You were NOT KIDDING about this being the biggest giveaway! All these brands are the best! Fingers crossed

Alysha Smith:

So excited. Got number 3 on the way! Fingers crossed. Thanks! I’m telling all my friends to head this way to enter this amazing giveaway.


Seriously, a dream come true giveaway for a first time mom, like me!!

Danielle Crooks:

Thanks for this amazing giveaway! So excited for a chance to win!!


What an amazing giveaway love your blog and makeup already!! Thanks so much for the opportunity

Jennifer Valadez:

Thank you for sharing your favorite products.

Becca Jones:

Wow that is quite the giveaway!

ADREANN capua:

Holy cow ? I need something like this giveaway asap! What a great giveaway! Tired mama of 4 little

Sheena Larkin:

Amazing giveaway with amazing products!


Thanks for the chance!! This is a pretty awesome giveaway!

Katie Hulbert:

Literally have never won anything in my life, so, not holding my breath! I will say thought that if I do, I would gift many items to a mom in need who is expecting her third baby shortly. Wonderful giveaway!


A friend shared this with me since I am expecting boy/girl twins in the spring. So excited about this giveaway! Hope to win. I love all these brands!!

Alex H:

Is it possible all my mommy dreams could come true??? Literally crossing allll my fingers and sending up prayers to the Giveaway Gods to choose me!!! Pleeeeease make my day/month/life and choose me!!!


What an awesome giveaway! Hope to win! Thanks so much!

Kelsi Fullmer:

Wow what a jackpot! Some amazing brands!

Madeline Watson:

It would seriously be an honor to win this, just the fact that you’re offering it is amazing! Thanks for being such an awesome blogger, mother, and woman!

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