The top 10 things every couple should have on their wedding registry!

January 25, 2018

The holidays are always a super popular time to get engaged so chances are you probably know somebody that did!

As the bride and groom it can sometimes be tricky to figure out what to register for and as the guest, it can be equally tricky to decide what to gift the happy couple! Because I get a TON of questions about what my favorite kitchen and home appliances and tools are I thought it would be fun to share my list of the top ten things I'd tell any bride to register for or any wedding attendee to give the couple! I also want to be sure you guys know there's a MAJOR sweepstakes going on right now for anyone who wants to create a wedding registry with Macy's! This is a crazy amazing chance to win $10,000 CASH toward your dream wedding – I wish I would've had this opportunity when I was getting married, and all it takes to have a chance to win is creating a Macy's wedding registry

Macy's is one of my very favorite place to buy things for my own home, but also to purchase wedding gifts! If you're a bride (or groom) to be now is a great time to register at Macy's because they are hosting a huge sweepstakes where you can win $10K for your big day. Yup, you read that right. With Macy's Wedding Registry Sweepstakes $10K for Your Big Day, you can win $10,000 CASH to use for your dream wedding (or dream honeymoon)!!

The only requirement for entry into the sweepstakes is a wedding registry at Macy's valued at at least $500. That's it! But you only have until January 31st to register so once you've finished reading this post you should probably head over there, because who wouldn't want $10k for their big day?!

Okay without further ado, here are my top 10 items every couple should have on their wedding registry!

1. A vacuum that will make your life easier. My love for Dyson is fierce. I have been singing their praises for years now. I am newly obsessed with this Multifloor Pro because it has about a billion cool tools and attachments that make it possible to clean just about anything! It's also exclusive to Macy's. Dyson created it just for them! That's one thing I love about Macy's-they have exclusive brands and products that you just can't find anywhere else!

       2. White dinnerware. A good set of white dishes is so smart because it will last you forever and it makes food look the prettiest! Why do you think celebrity chefs cook with white dinnerware? It's so pretty and classic and one of my best entertaining secrets! This set makes a great inexpensive, timeless gift.

3. Good cookware. A really amazing set of cookware will last a lifetime and most chefs will agree that the best pots and pans are All-Clad. I would seriously rather have ONE good pan than a thousand bad ones! These are hands down my favorite. They are incredibly durable, they cook evenly to avoid burning food, and they’re super easy to clean. Once you go All-Clad you’ll never go back! This All-Clad 7-piece set is another Macy's exclusive and I own every piece. It is really everything you need to make just about anything!

Bride HACK: register for individual pieces and a set, that way if someone wants to buy just one separate piece they can! Wait until you’ve received most of your gifts and if you have several All-Clad separate pieces, leave them unopened and return them all together to get a set. You’ll get more bang for your buck that way!

4. Bakeware that won't quit. The Le Creuset is a game changer. I got this as a Mother's Day gift a few years ago and I've never looked back. It's lightweight, lasts forever, cooks evenly and looks beautiful. Everything you cook in it tastes amazing!


5. A handy handmixer. We're massive fans of the KitchenAid stand mixer, but sometimes you just need to be a little more up close and personal with your food. Or you just want less of a mess by mixing up something in the bowl you've already made a mess in! This is hands down the best hand mixer I've ever used, plus it's mint so it's a no-brainer! 600 perfect reviews can't be wrong!

6. Good Knives: a set of really good knives or even ONE good knife will serve you far better than a set of really cheap knives! Macy's sells so many high quality brands of knives. I have and highly recommend this set of Wusthof Classic Knives.

7. White towels: everyone needs towels and I've found over the years that having bright, fluffy white towels are not only really easy to wash all at the same time in a batch of extra fabric softener, but they just look clean and fresh too, in any bathroom. Macy's has their own exclusive set here that gets 593 near perfect reviews. Yes please!!

8. New bedding: everyone should start a marriage off with a brand new set of bedding right?! This Calvin Klein set gets amazing reviews and looks SO cozy and pretty gender neutral, for all those guys who aren't that pumped on crawling into a bed with lace and scallops haha.

9. A nice blender: not the cheapest one you could find that you used all through college that you didn't care if your roommates beat up too, but one that will last you years! This kitchenaid one gets over a thousand stellar reviews and it will match that cute hand mixer we mentioned earlier too! And it's exclusive to Macy's.

10. Mixing bowls: this is kind of my go-to wedding gift. It's just the right price point and it's pretty but plain enough that anyone can use it! I've used our set of glass mixing bowls a million times and they look nice enough to take a dish right to a party in once you're done.

All 10 FAVORITE wedding gifts are in a slideshow below, and don’t forget to register at Macy’s through 1/31 and then enter for a chance to win the Macy’s Wedding Registry Sweepstakes $10K for Your Big Day! Once you register there are tons of cool perks! For 6 months after your wedding, you can save 20% off most of the remaining items on your registry and save 10% off furniture and mattresses! Score!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States including District of Columbia, 18 years and older with a Qualified Registry. Ends 1/31/18. For Official Rules: Void where prohibited.

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Maternity Jeans
Round French Oven
Deco Dot Tea Kettle
All-clad Stainless Steel 7-Pc
KitchenAid hand mixer
Whiteware Coupe Collection
Dyson DC39 Vacuum
Photos by Arielle Levy

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