The dreamiest orange dress

April 28, 2016

I honestly don't even think I need to say much about this incredible orange dress because the pictures say so much more all on their own. But I have been waiting for it to go back in stock in more sizes aaaaaaand . . .

Today this dreamiest orange dress is finally restocked in almost every size! YAY!!! It's the type of dress that makes you look like you're stepping out of a dream but makes you feel like you're wearing pajamas. Like as comfy as a straight up nightgown. I'm telling you … I may need this dress in every print it comes in (4 more to be exact!).


And just in case you were wondering, yes. These sandals are insanely comfy. INSANELY.


Dreamy orange dress
Insanely comfy tan sandals
Criss-cross ring
Razzledazzler lipstick
photos by Emmy Lowe

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