How to get 7 FULL SIZE tarte pieces of your choice for 70% off!

If you’re reading this right now, you must love tarte as much as I do, or you might be wanting to try tarte’s products out for the first time. Either way, you’re gonna FREAK when you hear about this amazing tarte deal you get to score on today!!! The short version? You get a 7-PIECE CUSTOM tarte MAKEUP KIT (with FULL size items, not sample sizes!) for at least 70% OFF their retail value.

This is not a joke – I REPEAT – this is NOT. A. JOKE. If you think this deal is absolutely insane just keep on reading because I have all the details, plus all the very best products I would highly recommend to put in your kit below! You ready for it? Let’s get GLOWING.

tarte color splash lipstick

tarte makeup kit deal details

Today through June 17th, you can build your very own custom tarte makeup kit with 7 FULL SIZE items for only $63! (Reg. $200+). That means you’re at least getting 70% off retail value!!! That is INSANE. In your custom kit, you’ll pick an item from each category:

  1. Complexion (foundation or tinted moisturizer)
  2. Face (blush, highlight, concealer, bronzer, etc.)
  3. Eye (eye shadow, brow gel, eyeliner, etc.)
  4. Mascara
  5. Lip (lipstick, lipgloss, lip exfoliant, etc.)
  6. Skincare OR brushes
  7. Makeup bag

Additionally, all heart to tarte donations through checkout will benefit Habitat for Humanity of the Upper Keys, and will be matched by tarte. I love that they give back!

If you feel overwhelmed choosing the products for your own bag, let me help! Keep reading for my very, very TOP tarte picks.


Complexion (foundation or tinted moisturizer)

Amazonian clay full coverage foundation

This is THE foundation of the summer. Multiple reviewers have labeled this as their new go-to foundation and it’s becoming one of mine, too! It’s right in between a tinted moisturizer and your typical thick, full coverage foundation. I absolutely love it, especially for the warmer months where I still want some coverage, but I also want a natural look!

Don’t let the light texture fool you. I’m serious when I say this foundation totally does provide full coverage – it just doesn’t feel like full coverage. Which is the BEST type of full coverage if you ask me! I also really love that it has broad-spectrum SPF 15 in it because it really does protect your skin while making it look good, too.

TBH the first time I tried this foundation I didn’t love it. But I finally realized why: I was using the wrong color!! Once I used tarte’s color matching chart, I found the perfect match (medium sand) and now I’m obsessed; this stuff looks SO good on my skin. Super natural and effortless and totally that “no makeup” makeup look.

The Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation has over 7200 AMAZING reviews, and includes tarte’s famous Amazonian Clay technology. What even is that you ask? It’s nature’s ingredient for a longer, truer wear in makeup. This ensures a better color match and all-day wear!

This foundation really provides glowy skin, healthy skin, and filtered skin – all at the same time. They should have just called it the AMAZING clay foundation because this stuff is pure magic!

Normally the Amazonian clay foundation retails for $39 – so the fact that for just $29 more you’re getting SIX other full-size products on top of it?! That’s crazy!!!

Amazonian clay full coverage foundation

clay stick foundation

If you’re looking for a foundation that’s more of a super quick, run out the door fix, you’ve gotta try this clay stick foundation! It’s the most teeny tiny, easy to grab foundation that you can take with you literally anywhere. If you’re traveling a lot this summer, I would highly suggest including this in your custom makeup kit!

It’s also super buildable so it’s really fun to use as a lighter contour tool on top of your base as well. I love how satisfying it is to apply, too – it glides SO well, unlike other stick makeup products you may have tried in the past. Reviewers rave about how this foundation blends like a dream (one of my favorite parts about it), and best of all, a little bit of this product goes a LONG way. So though it’s small, it’s MIGHTY! And really, really pretty.

Skincare OR brushes

shape tape quickie blending sponge

I am a total convert to tarte cosmetics sponges. I have tried allllll the makeup sponges, and let me tell you: tarte’s are hands-down the best!!! There is a flat side and a curved side (which is genius) and they are amazing quality so they LAST!!

Favorite blender of ALL TIME!

Whether you’re using concealer or foundation, this sponge will give you that airbrushed look every SINGLE time.

best makeup blending sponge

Face (blush, highlight, concealer, bronzer, etc.)

kind is the new pretty cheek palette

Okay, this was something new I tried, and it has now become my most recent tarte FAVE. It is AMAZING. This cheek palette includes a highlight, blush, and bronzer, all in one, so if you’re including this in your custom kit, you’re REALLY getting a huge bang for your buck.

The blush is a super pretty natural pink. The highlighter is BEAUTIFUL (not white enough that you look like you have Halloween makeup on, but bright enough that it gives a really pretty shimmer).

But the BRONZER. That’s what I fell most in love with. I put it on and it gave AMAZING definition to my cheekbones and jaw, while also pulling down my hairline and making me feel ultra done-up faster than I could finish my morning protein shake.

This palette comes super compact, too, which I actually love because I can throw it in any bag and take it anywhere. Which means if I need a quick makeup look in the car, this is definitely coming with me (along with my clay stick foundation!).

The colors are super highly pigmented and are absolutely perfect for everyday or on-the-go contouring and highlighting. I’m so happy I tried this one out and would definitely recommend adding it to your makeup kit!

tarte cheek palette
blush, bronzer, highlight trio

creaseless concealer

If creases are a major concern for you or bother you, THIS is the concealer to add to your makeup kit. It 100% lives up to the hype of being totally creaseless and virtually eliminates those pesky under-eye circles and redness. Super hydrating and leaves the area feeling very moisturized and looking dewy.

This is a product I’ve loved for a long time. If you’re thinking about adding it, I could not recommend it more, especially for flawless, dewy summer skin!

Eye (eye shadow, brow gel, eyeliner, etc.)

sketch & set brow pencil & tinted gel

I super duper love this product!!! The tinted gel is AMAZING, especially if you are going for the laminated, fluffy look (my current look as of late!). This gel is the PERFECT product to help fluff up those brows and make them stand out.

My one tip is to not apply TOO much. When you get the spoolie out of the tube, clean off the end a bit by scraping any excess on the brush back into the tube, so there’s not excess product that will catch onto your brows. It’s the classic rule – you can always ADD more, but if you have to take some off, you run the risk of having to start your brow process allllll over again (and NOBODY has time for that).

The pencil side of this set is perfect for filling in any bald spots or anywhere that needs a little more color fullness and coverage. I know I always have to fill in a couple bald spots when doing my brows, and I love this product for that!

I got mine in the medium brown shade and I absolutely love it. It’s perfect for my coloring, but I also really like their taupe shade. I’ve used the taupe a lot in the past for my brows and I think it’s really flattering on LOTS of different blondes to brunettes.

Reviewers love this brow product as much as me, saying that it looks super natural and lasts all day. I totally agree! If you’re adding any brow product to your makeup kit, let it be this one.

tarte brow duo


lights, camera, splashes waterproof mascara

Out of ALL of tarte’s mascaras, one of my favorites (if not, my FAVORITE-favorite) is their lights, camera, lashes mascara – but for summer, I am SO excited to have their lights, camera, splashes waterproof mascara in my makeup bag! We are going to be playing in the water all summer long, and I want my mascara to be fresh all day, errryday.

This mascara gets insanely high reviews, too, especially for a waterproof mascara which I feel like most people have a love-hate relationship with. This one removes super gently, doesn’t smudge, and stays put for hours. A summer must-have for sure!

Lip (lipstick, lipgloss, lip exfoliant, etc.)

color splash lipstick

This hydrating lipstick is soooo so good. My favorite shade is salt lyfe which is a mauve gray – extremely pretty on! It has become one of my signature, top five favorite lipstick shades that I’ve ever used across the board. I feel like no matter what colors I’m wearing it always looks good – SUCH a satisfying feeling!

SO. MANY. of the reviews for this product rave about how great the formula is, which I LOVE about this particular lipstick, too (again – always in my signature shade salt lyfe!!). It really is ultra-hydrating – like your best chapstick and your best lipstick in ONE. It’s a winner for sure.

tarte salt lyfe lipstick

H2O gloss

If you’re wanting to get a lipgloss instead of a lipstick, they have the SAME salt lyfe shade in this H2O lipgloss which I think is incredibly pretty. It’s super hydrating and shiny and nourishing and it makes your lips absolutely pop.

On top of how pretty and healthy it is, this lipgloss is NOT sticky or gross which is another reason I love it so much!!! Forget about your old sixth grade gloss that turned you off from lipgloss ever again, and try tarte’s. It will change your lip game, promise!

Pick a bag, any bag

There are SO many cute makeup bags to choose from when creating your makeup kit! I thought this coral one was super cute with the tassel and such a fun summer color. But you really can’t go wrong with any of the choices – and it is SO fun to get such a good quality and super cute makeup bag with your purchase!

tarte summer makeup kit
Amazonian clay full coverage foundation SPF 15
clay stick foundation
kind is the new pretty cheek palette
creaseless concealer
brow pencil & tinted gel
waterproof mascara
color splash lipstick
H2O gloss
shape tape quickie blending sponge
Photos by Arielle Levy

MAKEUP your mind & take advantage of this crazy deal!

I am seriously STOKED about this tarte deal today and I hope you take advantage of it, too! These were all of my very top picks, but you can check out ALL the products included in the deal here.

I’ll also be posting a reel on my Instagram today showing how to do a quick and easy makeup look with the products I mentioned in this post. Check it out and make sure to leave a comment to let me know what you think!

And remember, today through June 17th you can create your very own custom tarte makeup kit with 7 full-size pieces for only $63! (Reg. $200+). That is INSANE. I can’t wait to find out what you picked!

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