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July 30, 2015

last week neil and i took the girls down to the beachcomber at  crystal cove for breakfast and some beach time. we got there just a little too late to catch breakfast but ate seriously the most amazing lunch! we all had some type of seafood and everything was insanely fresh and delicious. i highly recommend it if you're ever in the area!

anyway, i wore this little sundress down as a coverup and it was the perfect dress for that day! just dressy enough for eating out, but light and easy for the beach. i even nursed while we were waiting for our table and it was nice that the off-the-shoulder top was so stretchy i could easily just pull it down. i know a lot of my readers ask about these details because they're nursing too and it sometimes feels like finding nursing-friendly clothes is as easy as finding a snowman in death valley.

i'm super excited also to let you know that this pretty sundress is ON SALE right now at swell! and not only is it on sale, but you'll get an extra 50% off with code CLEAN50 at checkout, so that brings this dress down to $30 (originally $62.45).

my bag is not on sale BUT i'm pretty obsessed with it. it's literally THE best beach bag i've ever found because it wipes clean, has a removable zipper compartment for your phone, keys, or whatever else you're trying to keep from the sand, and the top zips too – also super helpful for sand control!

i travel with this bag a ton because it squishes flat into a suitcase so easily and takes up virtually no room and is light as a feather. also a huge plus when you're filling a bag full of crap – you don't need it to start off heavy!

my sandals and sunnies are both on super sale right now too! these mirrored ray-bans are light weight enough to wear ALL day long and not even realize they're there. i'm kind of addicted to them.

also, when i was posting to instagram and snapchat last week (both @mintarrow if you're on either!), a ton of people asked where i got my bracelets. they were sold out of this set for the longest time but they're finally BACK in stock and on sale 30% off with code XMASINJULY at checkout!

here's a few more pictures of me and ani playing in the sun together. this was such a good day!

sundress (on sale! extra 50% off with code CLEAN50)
sunnies (on sale!)
bracelets (on sale! 30% off with code XMASINJULY)

here are a few other super cute sundresses from swell that you can get the extra 50% off with too!


thanks swell and shopstyle for sponsoring this post!

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Thank you for the SWELL info! I just ordered 4 pairs of much needed sandals for 50% off! Also, still lusting after the RayBans!

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