Savings tip for last-minute stocking stuffer shopping!

December 24, 2016

Christmas is tomorrow! Wasn’t it just Thanksgiving? Between holiday shopping, baking treats and wrapping gifts the time has totally flown by, but it still feels like there’s so much to do! One thing I always seem to procrastinate is stocking stuffers! Does that make me a bad Santa? Ha! Every year I wait till the last minute and every year Rite Aid comes to my rescue. Yes, the same Rite Aid where you pick up your prescriptions basically saves Christmas every year!

And today I’m going to share a little secret with you about how to save on items while you’re picking up those last-minute stocking stuffers at Rite Aid!

Rite Aid has everything you need to fill up those stockings with Christmas joy like all the chocolate. Ummm…Hi Reese's Trees.

And less exciting stocking stuffer items (that we secretly love getting) like toothpaste, body wash, and shaving cream.

Plus they have diet caffeinated soda big enough to fuel you through stuffing all the stockings and wrapping all the gifts!

And the very best thing about Rite Aid is that they're a Plenti partner. Which basically means you're going to get rewarded for your procrastination. That never happens!

Have you heard of Plenti? Plenti is a multi-brand rewards program that lets you earn and redeem rewards points for purchases that you’re already making, all with a single loyalty card. You can earn points filling up your car with gas at Exxon or Mobil, buying a holiday party dress at Macy’s, or stuffing all those stockings with help from Rite Aid!

Enrolling in Plenti is free, super simple and points add up fast so there’s really no reason not to. And when you use points it’s kind of like Christmas all over again! We used our Plenti card at Chili's the night before we left for Utah (because I was seriously just craving Chili's!!) and again grabbing these stocking stuffers. It’s just really convenient that you can use one rewards program across a variety of different brands to earn points. With Plenti, you can also easily turn your points into savings at AT&T, Exxon, Macy's, Mobil, Chili's and Rite Aid, no matter where you earned them.

I love that I got to grab all my little last-minute stocking stuffers AND use a program where I'll earn points toward savings on future purchases all in one easy trip. I hope if you guys have those last-minute Christmas shopping errands to run today too that this info helps!

Thanks Plenti for sponsoring this post!

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