PMD personal microderm 50% off + free shipping!

just a reminder that our PMD personal microderm black friday / cyber monday discount is good through the end of the day! the PMD personal microderm is super hard to find a deal on, and this is an exclusive cyber monday deal for the PMD personal microderm, so that means you'll only find it half off HERE!

through the end of the day, you’ll get 50% off your entire purchase + free shipping from PMD personal microderm with the code arrow50 at checkout!

*the free shipping is for all orders over $49!

the PMD personal microderm allows you to do at-home microdermabrasion treatments that take off a layer of dead skin and help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, redness, fades sun spots and acne scarring, makes your skin visibly clearer, smoother and more beautiful with each use! it’s honestly a secret weapon tool for anti-aging and making your skin look 10x better than it did before you knew it existed. i also swear by this as the ONLY thing that’s cured the keratosis pilaris (KP) on my arms – the tiny red bumps so many other people suffer from on the back of their arms.

PMD was chosen AGAIN this year by instyle magazine as one of their best beauty buys and i SO agree. seriously, the best skincare tool i own.

as if these reasons aren’t enough, you’ll notice that your makeup goes on SO much better once you start using this weekly! the dead layer of skin that your makeup was clinging to is gone, so it can actually glide onto your skin and look SO much better than it was before you were doing PMD microdermabrasion.

i know a few of you will ask what’s the difference between the classic PMDand the PMD pro, and the only big difference is that the PMD pro has two speeds so you can set it on a low speed if you have extra sensitive skin! i honestly love them both equally but if you have sensitive skin, the pro might be worth a little extra for you.

also, i always get asked if the PMD is the same as the clarisonic and i wrote an entire blog post explaining the difference and which one i recommend most here!

if you bought a PMD last year and you need replacement discs, you can use the code arrow50 for half off your replacement discs too! and if you love the skincare (i definitely do, especially for right before/after treatments!) you can get half off your skincare as well.

how often should you change your discs? they say after every 3-4 uses, but i probably stretch mine out to every 5-6. but the PMD definitely works best when the discs are fresh! ?

on saturday night i did a little PMD treatment on persicope and allowed readers to ask questions LIVE while i did the treatment. watch below, but be nice because i didn't have any makeup and as one viewer pointed out, my hair is kind of scary haha!

the cyber monday PMD promo ends tonight so get 50% off your entire purchase + free shipping from PMD personal microderm with the code arrow50 at checkout!

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I have been eyeing this on your site forever and finally bit the bullet tonight! I am hoping it will help with my redness and acne scars! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog. It is my favorite! Thanks for the great deal!

Allie Q:

I already ordered my PMD & CANNOT wait for it to get here!!! In the video you said you would post your favorite skin care products on the blog (face wash, moisturizer, etc), are you still doing that?


oh my gosh, i totally forgot about that! i need to do that again, but for now you can read my skincare faves in this post.


I was able to order tonight and still get the 50% off! I am hoping I love it as much as you do! 🙂

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