Guest bedroom reveal! (part one)

bloomingdales home guest room reveal
Our guest bedroom has been bugging me for a while so when it came time to re-do it I was pretty much jumping for joy!!  I knew I wanted to keep the purpose of the room mostly the same.  I wanted to be able to keep a lot of the space for storage and also have it still be a bedroom for when we have guests.  But we don’t have guests all the time, which means I wanted to add to its function by making it into an office space as well.  I just didn’t know exactly how to do it all haha!  So I turned to my incredibly talented friend Jen and she helped me work with Bloomingdale’s to design a great concept for the room that included my big three: storage, sleep and space for an office.


INSANE j. crew steals on NEW arrivals!

J. Crew Labor Day sale picks! I loooovveeeee it when one of my favorite brands kicks off a holiday weekend and spoils us with a site-wide sale!! It’s the BEST when you get to refresh your wardrobe with brand new season pieces at a discount and today I’m breaking down j.crew’s super good sale and all the best picks at a discount.


The kickstarter that’s fun for your kids + gives back!

tiny time arvo watchesRegardless of all the super fun technology we have these days (still can’t believe I have wireless ear buds that automatically link to my phone!), a good old fashioned watch is still one of my favorite accessories.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my Apple watch for so many reasons, a few of which I listed for you guys last week.  But there’s still a part of me that loves the look of a clock with the big hand and the little hand.  What I love even more is a company with a mission to do good in our world.  Arvo is one of my very favorite watch brands that does all of the above and is amazing for kiddos too and I’m about to tell you why!


Your MUST HAVE labor day weekend packing list!

Who else out there just counting down the hours until Labor Day weekend?  It’s one of my favorites of the year because there’s still enough summer left to soak in the sun, but Fall is fast approaching which means pumpkin spice everything and I’m not sad about that!  Sometimes though when it comes to packing for a quick weekend away it seems to be a bit more frustrating than fun.  What do you pack? How many pairs of shoes is too many?  Whether or not you’re taking one last vacation or having a staycation, I’m about to take the stress out of your distress and simplify all your Labor Day weekend needs.


Your quick guide + a discount on all the new arrivals at Anthro

anthro day sale black jumperYou guys, it’s ANTHRO DAY!! Kind of like Black Friday or Cyber Monday or day-after Christmas shopping or anything that makes your heart skip a beat because of how good the deals are that you’re getting.  I blogged earlier this week about their sale on sale deals (which are still on sale and still such a super great deal).  But what makes Anthro Day one of the best sales of the year is that you’re getting BRAND NEW Fall items at a discount, PLUS free shipping, no minimum!!!

With literally thousands upon thousands of items at Anthro and the opportunity to get anything on sale, I’m breaking it down and making it easy for you to see the cutest stuff that you’ll wish you would’ve gotten a deal on later!


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