Last night’s stripe button blouse & shoes you’ll die over!

April 15, 2016

Last night we got home kinda late (you know, like after 10 pm which is when the party STARTED in my early 20s but now that I'm an old lady that's LATE ha) and I posted an instagram of me wearing this outfit at our natural parenting event, which by the way was so much fun! I woke up to several people asking where my shirt and where my white jeans were from so since I had this outfit all ready to go for a blog post it was a pretty easy decision knowing what to blog about this morning!

I styled this a little more casually last at last night's event, leaving out the neck tie and tucking in the front of the shirt. I even love the way they style it in the stock photo, buttoned all the way and tied tighter at the top! But if you don't like the neck tie, you can totally go without like I did last night. Here's how it looked at the event:

The jeans I'm wearing in these outfit photos and last night are the exact same pair. They're literally my favorite white jeans right now, high enough rise to not feel like I'm wearing jeans made for a girl in junior high, slimming and flattering in the legs and the bum, and thick enough to not show my undies ha!

I know you've seen that little white bag a few times and you'll probably just keep seeing it because I just keep wearing it but WAIT TILL YOU SEE MY SHOES!! No not the flip flops. The SHOES. Scroll down!



button tie blue stripe blouse
current favorite white jeans
white tory bag
strappy tassel block heel shoes
photos by jordan zobrist

HAPPY FRIDAY you guys!!

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Can you tell us what necklaces you are wearing with it?



Hey Charlotte! I think it’s sold out now but my pendant necklace was from baublebar.

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