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tiny time arvo watchesRegardless of all the super fun technology we have these days (still can't believe I have wireless ear buds that automatically link to my phone!), a good old fashioned watch is still one of my favorite accessories.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love my Apple watch for so many reasons, a few of which I listed for you guys last week.  But there's still a part of me that loves the look of a clock with the big hand and the little hand.  What I love even more is a company with a mission to do good in our world.  Arvo is one of my very favorite watch brands that does all of the above and is amazing for kiddos too and I'm about to tell you why!

tiny time arvo watchestiny time arvo watches  I was introduced to Arvo through one of my best friends from high school (how's that for a throwback?!) and once I took the time to look into their product and mission it was pretty much a love at first sight!  They've got such a great selection of watches (I'm loving this watch with the blush band) in super classic looks.  One of my favorite features is the watch gives you the date AND the day of the week because how many of us have woken up thinking it's Tuesday, only to remember it's Monday haha!  I think these make such a thoughtful and incredible gift for a best friend, significant other, mother, father orrrrrr for yourself.

tiny time arvo watchesRecently Arvo launched a kickstarter campaign for their Tiny Time line of watches for your littles as they learn to tell time.  The bands come in two different sizes and a whole bunch of fun colors and are interchangeable.  I also love that they are velcro bands because I don't know about your kids, but mine love to (edit: INSIST ON) be able to do everything themselves and these are so easy for them to get on and off.  The velcro also allows for those constant growth spurts we all know kids have without having to get a new band!

tiny time arvo watchesThe girls had such a blast with their Tiny Time watches and kept asking me to help them figure out what time it was.  And because we all know kids want to be like their parents (at least on some days, right?), Arvo is also introducing the Tiny Time Deluxe which keeps the same smaller face, convenient watch but with a bit nicer material and upgraded Swiss movement for us big kids!

tiny time arvo watches

tiny time arvo watches
tiny time arvo watches  What I love most about Arvo is their mission to give back to communities and create a positive effect on those around them.  They truly understand that even a little help can go a long way.  A portion of each watch they sell goes toward charitable projects around the world, including helping to clothe the homeless, funding education for children in India, promoting community involvement with the Utah refugee programs, helping to fund missions to end child slavery and teaching our future leaders the skills they need to thrive in their own communities.

tiny time arvo watches tiny time arvo watches

tiny time arvo watches The best deals for these Tiny Time watches will be during the kickstarter campaign.  Once it's over, these adorable little watches will be available only on the Arvo website and the prices will go up!  To take advantage of this deal, head over to the Tiny Time kickstarter page and make a pledge.  You can pledge an amount without a package attached, or to get the watches for you and you littles they have tons of different package deals available!

tiny time arvo watches tiny time arvo watches  tiny time arvo watches tiny time arvo watches tiny time arvo watches tiny time arvo watches

tiny time arvo watches

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