HOT!! Huge Mini Melissa sale (our favorite little girl shoes)

My girls are absolutely obsessed with their Mini Melissa shoes and I am too, but they are pricey. So I was THRILLED when I stumbled upon an incredible deal on them this morning!! Tons of absolutely adorable colors and lots of really good stock on sizes too, but I have a feeling they'll go quick once word gets out!

Pink glitter mini melissa shoes (41% off!)
Chambray dress (sold out) similar (33% off)

Right now you can get Mini Melissa shoes HERE for 40-50% off!!! My girls exact pink glitter Mini Melissa shoes are on sale for 41% off, but there are TONS of cute colors and sizes and styles available for 40-50% off.

Mini Melissa shoes are SO well made. They've lasted better than any other shoe as hand-me-downs because of their durability. They're super comfy for my girls to wear. And they smell good! I know that's weird but they do, they smell like strawberries or something?! Not in a gross overpowering way but just in a subtle way if you hold them right up to your nose.

I love that they're so easy to clean too! My girls can wear them to church or the beach or preschool or to the park and I'm never stressed about them being hard to clean if they come home with half the sandlot inside their shoes.

I've always felt like the full price tag is worth it with Mini Melissa shoes, because they really are so well made and last forever, but it's even BETTER to be getting these in the $30 range instead of the $60 range with this HUGE Mini Melissa Sale!!!

Mini Melissa shoes run true to size in my experience!

Right now there's a ton of sizes, styles and colors available in this HUGE Mini Melissa 40-50% off sale, but I have a feeling they'll get picked over pretty fast so RUN if you want some!

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