HOT SALE on our FAVE family Christmas pajamas

November 1, 2019

Ready or not…Christmas is coming! One of the most beloved Christmas traditions in our house is family Christmas pajamas. Because in our house jammies are LIFE.

Every year the very cutest Christmas pajamas tend to sell out really early. So I'm getting smarter as a mom and buying my girls' Christmas jammies earlier and earlier. If I wait too long, the very cutest ones are GONE!

Today we're rounding up some of the very cutest Christmas jammers that are ON SALE 40% off so you can get a steal AND get the cutest ones before they sell out this year!

Save Big On Family Christmas Pajamas

Hanna Andersson's Friends & Family Sale starts TODAY, 11/1 and goes until 11/3!! During the event you can get 40% off on all the cutest Christmas pajamas for the whole entire family. Even dad!

Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice

My girls absolutely love to bake and are always begging me to make something with them in the kitchen. So these baking themed matching Christmas pajamas were a hit with EVERYBODY! Obviously, the #1 thing they wanted to do the second they slipped them on was to do some early holiday baking (and eating)!!

Hot Tip For Baking With Littles

I absolutely love baking with my girls, but I don't love little hands in my flour or sugar canisters. So I'll measure out all the ingredients into separate bowls prior to inviting them into the kitchen. Then they can just take turns dumping the ingredients into the mixer, because lets be honest, THAT is the most fun part anyway!

They had such a blast and looked so adorable in their matching Christmas jammies! And with all the ingredients pre-portioned out they totally felt like they were starring in their own little cooking show.

Hanna Jams Are Our Jam

Hanna Andersson pajamas have always been some of our very favorites. They fit super, duper well and they're so well made that we can hand-me-down those jammies a few times. They seriously last FOREVER! My girls are also weirdly obsessed with their Christmas jams and love to wear them year round.

These insanely high-quality matching Christmas pajamas aren't the most inexpensive, but with how many wears we get out of them-they're worth every penny! Plus right now they're ON SALE 40% off making them sooo much more affordable.

A Note On Sizing

Hanna Andersson pajamas run a teeny, tiny bit big and they're supposed to fit snug. I wouldn't recommend sizing down necessarily but err on the true to size fit versus sizing up. Like if your kid is between a 4 or 5 I would stick with the 4.

Ani's Pajamas
Lyla's Pajamas
Millie's Pajamas
Photos by Arielle Levy

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Make sure you take advantage of this Hanna Andersson Friends and Family 40% off event and get right on your family Christmas pajama shopping right NOW because the cutest ones WILL sell out super fast!

We rounded up all the very cutest kids Christmas pajamas and family Christmas pajamas included in the 40% off event to add to your cart IMMEDIATELY!!

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