Hanna Andersson edit: the cutest items for fall!

Running around the park in brand new, cute clothes (that will stay in good enough condition to become hand-me-downs)… Wait, do all of those things belong in the same sentence?! YES, because we're talking about Hanna Andersson!

We've been big Hanna Andersson fans for a VERY long time. Their clothes are beautifully made and offer so many timeless styles for your kiddos that will LAST as you pass them down through your kids.

Oh, and did I mention they have the cutest patterns and styles for this fall season? Let's talk about it so you can grab all the things you want for your littles before they sell out. And let's hear it for all the cute fall clothes!

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Right now you can get up to 40% off select items at Hanna Andersson! That makes today SUCH a great time to stock up on these high quality pieces that are normally a little bit of a splurge.

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The quality of Hanna Andersson

You know when you love an outfit on your child so much and you do everything you can to preserve it so that you can pass it down for your next child to wear, but there's just no hope or life in it anymore? Well, good news – that's not the case with Hanna Andersson's high-quality clothing! Hooray!

These clothes are SO well made, and it's made it so easy to pass the second or third hand-me-down test with my girls (and my girls play hard in their clothes!). They're comfortable enough for your child to throw on and run around the park in, with zero worries for mom that they'll get ruined. They hold up soooo well. Their jammies are also to die for, too, and there's so many options of patterns to choose from.

Everything they make is extremely classic. Sometimes with really trendy clothes, I wonder why I even saved them because by the time my next girl is old enough to wear them, they're not even in style anymore. Not the case ever with Hannas! Their clothes are so classic, I could have my girls choose their favorite outfit or two and save it to put it on their own kids one day. They're literally THAT timeless and well-made.

hanna andersson dresses

Why we love Hanna Andersson

Hanna Andersson has such a huge variety of cute prints and solid colors to choose from – whether you love clean, neutral prints, or all the bright and happy-colored prints. We chose a mixture of both neutral and colored prints for this fall so we're thrilled about that!!

My girls especially LOVE that the dresses are “twirly” dresses and that they can spin around and dance in them and the skirts will make a nice big twirl. If you have girly-girls like mine, they will LOVE these dresses.

Harry is also just the cutest in his little baby boy Hanna Andersson clothes. Sometimes finding timeless, classic baby boy clothing can be tough – but with Hanna Andersson you're dodging all of the cheesy items from department stores. If you or a friend are expecting a baby boy anytime soon, this brand offers SO many darling options.

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“The Hanna Way”

One reason why SO many people love and rave about Hanna Andersson is because they do such a beautiful job of having their clothes ethically sourced and produced.

Hanna Andersson's founder, a Swedish woman named Gun Denhart, had a goal to outfit the adventure of childhood by embracing distinctly Scandinavian principles: iconic design that marries form and function, a genuine commitment to sustainability, and a lifestyle that leads to happy, meaningful lives.

In more simple terms, this clothing brand named these principles “The Hanna Way”. It's meant to be authentically different from other children's clothing brands out there, and we're here for it!

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Is Hanna Andersson worth it?

I'll tell you from years and years worth of buying Hanna Andersson clothes, I've seen first-hand the amazing quality these clothes hold. They're so cute, and my kids love wearing them – zero complaints of them being too itchy, uncomfy, or too stiff of fabric.

You probably get the point – we're all biiiiig fans. But I'll also share with you just a few of the many five-star reviews that they've received to get you to realllly believe me!

WINNING STYLE! These dresses are the best, I buy them a little big, can wear for years. They look great with leggings, tights, or shorts. They go from dresses to tunics as they grow. My granddaughter loves them and the pockets! When you pass them on, they look like new!”

“High quality, comfortable, and very cute! I’ve been getting Hannas first for my kids and now for my grandkids since the 1980s. They don’t disappoint!”

hanna andersson dresses

Need help getting started?

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hanna andersson discount code
Pocket Swing Dress
Super Soft Skater Dress
Photos by Arielle Levy

Get ready for fall!

We're a family of Hanna Andersson lovers. We've been big fans for a long time because of the timeless, classic clothing options that look just darling on, and that will last for years to come. I hope you're able to find some new items today that you love, and that your kids love, too!

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