FULL SIZE big sexy hair products $10 (reg $18) & favorite curling iron half off


today's a great day for HAIR DEALS because a few of my absolute favorite go-to items in my secret weapon stash for fab hair are on majorly big time sale!!

right now you can get full-sized big sexy hair products for $10 (regularly $17.95) including my very favorite texturizing powder of all time, powder play. it adds TONS of texture and volume, so i use it the day i wash my hair, but it also acts similar to a dry shampoo cutting grease in your hair. i even like it a little better than it's far more expensive competitor pret a powder.

also, if you buy two of the big sexy hair products that are on sale for $10 you'll also get a mini sexy hair full bloom. i haven't tried that product yet so it will be fun to test it out!

if you're looking for a second product, i really like the big sexy hair intense hold hair spray if you're the type of girl who needs a really strong hold, or big sexy hair spray & play volume hairspray if you like a little more of a relaxed hold that boosts volume. i've tried both and love both!

i just found my favorite clipless curling iron on sale this morning too – for HALF OFF!! *yikes, one of my readers pointed out this is the UK version! so, for my few readers over seas, this might work. otherwise, you can get the US version here. it's not on sale right now, SO SORRY!!! i will keep an eye out!

i've tried cheaper versions of a clipless curling iron (like this one) but it seriously makes a HUGE difference using a nicer one. i notice that my hair curls faster, the curls last longer, it's majorly worth the extra money and for half off it's totally justifiable!

photo credit: travis j photography, outfit details from past post here.

Corrine Stokoe

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  1. Hi thanks for the links. The curling iron seems to be for the UK though I want to alert your readers to that.

    1. ugh i’m so sorry! i totally did not notice that at first. i’ve updated the post. thank you for telling me!

    1. oh that would be fun! i’ve been meaning to do one forever. i will definitely add it to my list! 🙂

  2. I finally just got through with folicia after being on hold for almost an hour 🙂 they tell me under no circumstances will they be able to return or exchange the curling iron… pretty frustrating. I’ve bought several of your recommendations in the past and loved… this one however… BUMMER 🙁

    1. hey jan, i am really so sorry about this. i feel really badly. i do my best to offer deals that would be helpful to people but this was definitely a mistake and total accident on my part. i think if you use an adapter like this one it should still work. really so sorry about this!

  3. How potent are the hair products? I’m 19 weeks pregnant (congrats on your pregnancy too) and smells still kill me. I can barely use hairspray right now. I would love to try these though.

    1. hey april, the hair sprays definitely have a smell but they’re not super strong. in fact i’d say of all my hair sprays these are probably the least potent 🙂 the powder is totally odorless though! and congrats to YOU! 🙂

  4. I love the dress you are wearing and I saw you featured it in an earlier post. I was wondering (if you don’t mind me being nosy) what size you took, since it is not a maternity dress? I’m trying to decide if I need to size up, since I want it to work as a maternity dress, but still wearable post-baby.

  5. Your hair looks phenomenal! These are fantastic deals, too. I will gave to try the volume product that you recommended, as I have fine, thin, and limp hair. I could always use some life and texture! Thanks for sharing.

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