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July 7, 2017

Hey you guys, happy Friday!! It has been kind of a crazy day around here, getting ready for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that launches next week (my tips here!) and Amazon Prime Day that we'll be covering all day Tuesday, but I still wanted to jump on here and quickly share a few of my newest favorite things with you guys to start your weekend off right. Everything from the best drugstore mascara out there right now to the podcast I became obsessed with last week and the best way to see New York at 360 degrees (and the worst!) ha.

So to start things off, if you're a child of the 90s and you grew up with Oprah as your big sister or aunt or whatever you felt like she was in your living room at 4 p.m. every day, you will probably LOVE this podcast that I just found. Definitely listen to episodes 1-3 in order. You'll have really great feel-good flashbacks of when Oprah took over the world with her positivity and love her transparency about going from sensational television to her “living your best life” platform. Something I can really get behind.

Last week while I met with a ton of brands, I found out that this mascara is sweeping the nation right now, and apparently Beyonce's makeup artist is obsessed with too. I tried it and of course, fell totally in love too! Order it here on amazon or pick it up this weekend at any drugstore.

If you're going to New York anytime soon, you absolutely, positively MUST go to One World Observatory. That's where I got the photo above and was absolutely blown away by the sweeping views of the beautiful city of New York. You will not believe your eyes when you see just how clear and incredible the vantage point is up there. I went up with my friend Lizzy who blogs here, and was so grateful she suggested it. In contrast, I spent my only totally free night going to the top of the Empire State Building and it was expensive, a terribly long wait, and on scale of 1-10 it was a 2 compared to the 9.9 at One World Observatory. Also the stories told by the workers who came back to rebuild One World Trade Center will probably get you all choked up with that feel-good emotion that comes when the good guys show they're not gonna back down.

Best sports bra ever? I kept hearing that from tons of friends. It is pretty super duper amazing as far as support and comfort. My only hesitation in recommending is it's a little tricky to put on … but WORTH IT in my opinion! I'm definitely gonna get a second and probably rotate them throughout my week for workouts.

I honestly can't believe this buy 2 get 1 free MAC lipstick deal is still going!! I literally don't know if I've ever seen a deal like this from them, where you can buy two of your very favorite lipsticks ever and get a third free. I pointed out all my top recommendations and cult faves in this post. For sure one of my favorite deals I've found in the past month or more.

Last thing … if you see the words “cotton candy grapes” at your local grocer, purchase immediately. Do not pass them up. Because your life will literally change when you put the first one in your mouth. I've seen them at my local Trader Joe's and Gelson's. You're welcome.

Have the happiest weekend everybody!!

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Elizabeth brocard:

Those cotton candy grapes are insane I eat them every morning!!!!!!!


Loved this post! It’s fun to hear of a great podcast, an exceptional view of NYC, and a drugstore mascara. Thank you for all your fabulous recommendations, all the time!

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