Forward this to your spouse! What to ask for this Mother’s Day.

Does anyone else have a hard time thinking of what YOU would like to receive as a gift? Mother's Day is four days away and Neil is just starting to ask me what I want, so¬†I came up with a few things I think you guys would LOVE to receive, in a pretty wide variety of price ranges. You can just go ahead and forward this on to your significant other. You're welcome ūüėČ

I'm pretty sure the men in my life are just now¬†starting to think about what they‚Äôre giving to their significant others for Mother's Day. If you're thinking “yep!” ha, I‚Äôm here to lend a hand! This perfume is SO amazing, you guys.¬†Olymp√©a is the perfect mix of salty vanilla¬†and fresh¬†floral. This¬†Paco Rabanne bottle is so pretty, I love the pale pink and rose gold. And perfume is such a sweet little gift for Mother's Day!

I thought of a couple last minute things, along with this yummy perfume, that I think you'll be as obsessed with as I am. These cozy pajamas are such a favorite of mine that I own them in 4 colors. And I've bought them all for myself, so that tells you how much I love them.

The Kindle Paperwhite is one of my favorite things I own. I can't say enough good things about it! It reads just like a book, seriously it's soo easy to see the text on the screen and you can see the screen clearly in the dark or in the bright sun! Plus you can have all your books in one tiny tablet (seriously amazing) without lugging around a huge book.

Paco RabanneРOlympéa Perfume
Kindle Paperwhite
Grey Pajamas
White Bedding
Master Bedroom details
Photos by Arielle Levy

And now for my master list of 25 things I'm confident you would LOVE to get for Mother's Day! Send to your spouse now for guaranteed Mother's Day gifts.

1. Dyson hair dryer: if you have long and/or thick hair, this will change your LIFE! I can literally blow dry my hair in half the time with this. Seriously, game changer.
2. Pretty handbag splurge here or save here: I think this style of handbag is so beautiful!
3. Flowers: Farmgirl Flowers are my very very fave. They're the most beautiful arrangements, incredible quality, and they last forEVER.
4. Concert tickets: the ones on my radar currently are the Backstreet Boys because, child of the 90s! And I am DYING to go to James Taylor's summer concert series, in major league baseball stadiums, with Carole King. #onceinalifetime #hinthintNEIL

5. Spa day: I went to this spa with a couple girlfriends last month for my first “spa day” ever and I'm obsessed now!
6. Bathtub caddy: for the mom (like me!!) who LOVES soaking in a tub with a good book after the kiddos go down.
7. Kindle paperwhite: OBSESSED with mine! It allows you to take a stack of books everywhere with you, but weighs almost nothing. The paperwhite is so nice because you can read it in the brightest daylight, but also if your partner falls asleep and you literally can't put your book down, you can dim the light and read all night long.
8. Apple airpods: these are incredibly cool. You can talk on the phone with them, listen to your music, and you don't have to plug them in! Which is SO NICE if you have one of the newest iPhones, because you don't have to worry about the weird plug.
9. Luggage: because I've been dying to have pink luggage! This luggage is SO COOL too because it has bluetooth so you can see where it is, and plug into a USB drive if you're chilling waiting between flights or anything. It also has a built-in scale so you never overpack. AMAZING right?!
10. Mini KitchenAid mixer: these are the cutest mixers! We have one and it's so great for a small kitchen or apartment living. Small but mighty.
11. Nice sunglasses: cat eye is a total universal flattering shape and I'm in love with this splurge here and this save here. 
12. Softest hoodie in the world: SERIOUSLY, softest hoodie I have ever felt in my entire life. It's like butter. I bought one for myself, and one for my mom, just yesterday.
13. Watch: this one is so pretty and classic! It's not going out of style anytime soon.
14. Instant pot: EVERY mom in America needs this. Post on all my favorite ways to use the instant pot coming soon.
15. Makeup mirror: this is a game changer too! This mirror magnifies without distorting, and it helps you see exactly what you'll look like out in the sunlight.
16. Earrings: these dainty earrings would be so great for any mom. The type you could wear any day with anything.
17. Lounge pants: I couldn't be more in love with sweats and lounge pants, and these ones are super highly rated and look SO cozy.
18: Laptop sleeve: because I desperately need this so I'm figuring a bunch of you might, too!
19. Sandals: I am seriously in love with these sandals so much! I wear them almost every day in the summer and they come in so many fun colors. 
20. Cookbook: my mom made mango chicken salad, everything is very light and fresh!
21. Cute beach towels: how fun would a beach day be with this gigantic heart towel?! Summer is calling my name and so is this beach towel.
22. Good knives: because good knives will completely change the way you cook and prepare food! Even if you're not way into cooking, but you cut up an apple every once in awhile, you will love these. This knife in particular is the one my mom swears by and I love it too!
23. Alex & Ani bracelets: I love these bracelets and I think it's such a cute, affordable gift to give one for each kid's initial to any mom.
24. Pajamas: like I said up above, these pajamas are everything!
25. Perfume: the prettiest smelling perfume! Not overpowering, Neil tested and approved and I absolutely love it too.

Do you have any gifts you're hoping to get for Mother's Day or anything you've been eyeing this year?! Let me know in the comments below!

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