favorite men’s SALE swim trunks and flip flops

so we’re headed down to california today to look at some places to live (moving in less than 2 weeks!!) and my husband this morning suggested to me that i look for some men’s summer stuff like swim trunks and flip flops and i actually thought that was a pretty brilliant idea. it’s starting to warm up in most places and a lot of people are planning summer vacations already SO if you are in the market for some great men’s swim trunks and flippie floppies (as we call them in our house) here are my faves on sale! these are all the really nice, expensive brands that you’d find in a surf shop in any beach town like o’neill, volcom, RVCA, billabong, hurley, etc.



also, these rainbow sandals aren’t on sale BUT they are the best flip flops ever of all time. they conform to your feet over time and last FOREVER. seriously i’ve had mine for 7 years and they are still in great shape.

alright, off to CA. wish us luck on finding a good home! see you here tomorrow.

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Colette Hatfield:

Do you know about the Ranbiw outlet in San Clemente? We always make it one of our stops when we are in Southern California. Worth the trip!


colette i’ve heard of it but never been! we will have to stop by while we’re there this week, thanks so much for the suggestion!!

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