ergobaby carriers and BOB strollers on sale

May 20, 2013

update: this deal is no longer available but you can still see my faves here for (usually) the best deal out there: 
free shipping and usually tax free, too.
read why i love these products below:

my friends all know how much i love my ergobaby carrier. if you have a kid under 2 or you're pregnant, you need one of these! i LIVE for my ergobaby! it makes holding your baby and actually being able to do something possible. it makes travel possible. it makes shopping without a stroller or sticking your baby's infant seat in the shopping cart possible (not that i'm above that … and yes i know it's wildly dangerous ;). just try it. you'll thank me later. 

here's baby girl and me rocking the ergo + infant insert, 1 week post c-section.

want one? they're on sale at REI as part of their anniversary sale! the ergo sport is on sale for $86.19 (about 25% off) in black or red

and the original carrier is $86.19 in black, and $89.99 in galaxy gray (originally $120). 

also, if you're in the market for a jogging stroller. the BOB is THE BEST. i went ahead and ordered myself a BOB online one morning when i was in bed preggie in my jammies, waiting for my zofran to kick in while munching on crackers (yes! crackers in bed) because, of course, i found a smashing deal. i timidly called my husband and said “so, i just ordered this jogging stroller. it was a REALLY good deal! and we can return it if you hate it, but i really want it.” he was not super pumped that i had just bought a second stroller for our unborn child (by the way i bought a third stroller about a month later and YES we use all of them!). but guess what … it's now his FAVORITE stroller. we both love it. so much. 

i love getting out for a nice little jog (not a hardcore runner) and he loves it for his 3-5 mile runs, and i'm happy to let him use it in rough terrain, on trails, go ahead honey! that's why we bought the BOB. anyway, if you've been eyeing one, they're 15% off too at REI during their anniversary sale.

ALL of the BOB strollers, including the brand new 4-wheel BOB motion are included in the 15% off sale. 

happy shopping!

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Kristin Adams:

Yes! I recently got the BOB Revolution SE from Amazon and wow. I'm IN LOVE! So easy to push, goes anywhere on any surface, and it's such a smooth ride for my little one.

mint arrow:

kristin, isn't the BOB the best?! i am glad you love yours too!

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