BLENDTEC’s black friday deal LIVE!

November 25, 2015

blendtec's BLACK FRIDAY deal just went live and i know soooooo many of you have been waiting for months to get a deal on one of these! you can save up to $100 on a blender AND get free shipping! i'll show you how:

now through monday you can get $50 off any refurbished blendtec blender here (prices as marked). you'll also get free shipping through that link!

i’ve had my refurbished blendtec total blender for 3+ years and have used it hundreds and hundreds of times and it still works like it did the day i took it out of the box. speaking of out of the box, it comes looking brand new and if my parents hadn’t told us that they bought us a refurbished blender i never even would have known!

it also comes with a 7 year warranty and although mine has worked perfectly the entire time i’ve owned it, i do know one person who owns a refurbished blendtec and when she had a problem with it she was able to send hers back and get a brand new (refurbished) replacement, no questions asked.

you can also get $50 off your order when you buy an extra jar with any blendtec blender purchase! use code BLACKFRIDAY2015.

i also own a designer 725 series blender that blendtec gifted me to try out last year, and i absolutely love it. it's beautiful, a little more high-tech with the digital screen, and has some nice functions like the “clean” button or the “smoothie” button, and it gives you little encouraging and funny messages like “way to be healthy” after your smoothie is ready, ha ha. you can get it refurbished here!

as for the extra jars, we love the wildside jar for really making sure things are blended to perfection (have you SEEN the will it blend youtube videos?!) but the 4-sided jar is the perfect size if i'm making a smaller smoothie, and the twister jar is what i use for dressings and for baby food!

you can see all the details for blendtec's black friday deals here, and when you order from that link you'll automatically get free shipping at checkout too!

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