alt recap 2 of 3 – we’re all just kind of winging it

day two of alt summit's recap is here! i can't wait to tell you what i learned but first, i have to begin with a HUGE ginormous monumental THANK YOU to my favorite online pop up shop EVER of all time – brickyard buffalo.

the girls over at BB were kind enough to dress me for part of alt and it was more than a dream come true. i honestly didn't even know what they were going to give me to wear but i was more than confident that i'd love it because those girls just have impeccable taste. if you haven't checked them out before, you absolutely must. right now. go straight to brickyard buffalo. do not pass go do not collect $200. 
my daytime outfit was brickyard buff pretty much head to toe, with the exception of my toes. this leather skirt is simply perfection. perfect length, perfect fit. i cannot wait to tell you guys when it pops up on their site again. and when it does, you better be ready. because it's like the hunger games to get one in your cart before they sell out.
not a big statement necklace girl normally, but i love how this one looks like it came straight out of my great grandma's jewelry box. perfectly vintage and non-cheesy. and i adore my sage & harper bag. you can read more about that in this post.
polka dot shirt: brickyard buffalo
leather skirt: brickyard buffalo
shoes: nordstrom, same style (on sale!)
that night we were supposed to wear green to the cricut party that, by the way, was out of this world! i'm not a crafter and i even kind of wanted a cricut after seeing all the amazing things that machine does. anyway, i of course knew i had to wear mint somehow. and after searching and searching i finally decided to go back to my beloved pair of paige mint pants. they were actually a great pick for this party because they were so different than what anyone else was wearing and paired with my brickyard buffalo sparkle collar shirt, the outfit was just dressy enough to make it evening appropriate. and as for my shoes – i found these at nordstrom rack and splurged. they were $300 shoes on sale for $88 (a pricing error that they honored) and i couldn't help but get them. i've searched for years (no exaggeration) for the perfect nude pump and i have finally found it. well, until i can afford me some christian louboutins. but you know. that might not happen in this lifetime!
sequin collar shirt: brickyard buffalo
belt: forever 21
mint pants: paige denim (on sale!)
now for what i learned. the first full day of alt summit was an overwhelming firehose of information. i would have to write a book to tell you everything i took in that was helpful, but here are some of my favorite takeaways:
your network is your net worth. you can't just throw a fabulous party and not invite anyone and expect people to find out. you have to find your audience and invite them to read your blog!
– erica domesk of PS i made this
erica talked about getting nostalgic and emotionally connecting with your audience over lisa frank stickers and beloved icons of the 90s. 
if you want to stick out, you have to embrace that people will dislike you. find a way to reveal who you are to your audience. and when all else fails, talk about food.
jasmine was like the oprah of alt summit. i actually attended a different panel at first during this hour, and after realizing i was in the wrong session, i got up and walked out, and snuck into jasmine's session. the energy in her room was electrifying as she shared more about that emotional connection you need to find with your readers. nobody wants to read something vanilla. they want personality, they want spice, the want raw and real.
We knew we had a supportive network of friends and family who would be on board, but would anyone else care? What would even talk about day in and day out? How fast would we run out of inspiration? What would it take to make time away from our family worth it? 
i actually stole that right off their site from this post about why they started their blog in the first place. i got to spend some time with the frys (as i like to call them), first while attending their round-table discussion about taxes and ftc regulations and blogging ethics, but later that night after all the parties wrapped up and the jammies and nutella and pretzels came out. the thing i love about this statement and what the small fry girls have done is that they had an idea, they knew they wanted to share it with people, but they wondered if anyone would care. it's scary putting yourself out there! i had these same thoughts and emotions when i started mint arrow. will anyone besides my mom read this? will anyone really even care? the answer is yes. yes especially if you're writing about what you love and what moves you in life. not trying to tap into what will grow a great big following at lightening speed and how you'll make money off your sidebar ads (by the way i think i make $2 a day off my ads so, there you go). 
it's hard to imagine that bloggers like the small fry girls ever doubted themselves, because everything they do is so beautifully professional and you wonder if perfection like they produce could ever be questioned! it was inspiring to hear them tell this story in the flesh. they are even more genuine and sincere in person and it's just nice to know that nobody really goes into this having it all figured out. 
the next day got even better with a panel about social media and jen from simple green smoothies shared some of the most impactful information i gathered at the entire conference. but you'll just have to come back next week to see what that's all about!

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  2. i found your blog and instagram account a couple months ago and i love it. You are beautiful but you aren't afraid to be honest and real and vulnerable. I think you are doing a great job connecting with your readers and i am sure will continue to get a lot more followers

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