a cook’s dream sale!


today i was poking around trying to really find something worthwhile to post here, and at first i  was striking out big time. all my best efforts were kind of failing and i was about to give up! but then. then i found THIS SALE and it was like the shopping gods opened the heavens and a chorus of angels started shouting the hallelujah chorus!


really though, if you love cooking, or even if you don't but you sometimes make food for at home … this is something you must see.

there are some really ridiculously amazing things on sale right now at sur la table. like this cuisinart smartstick immersion blender that's on sale for $27.99 (guys these are regularly $55!!) in yellow or green. before you go, “nope, don't need that.” trust me you DO. it's amazing. i use it in soups, gravy, smoothies, everything. you can toss it right in the dishwasher (well, the part that needs to be washed anyway) and it will smooth out the lumpiest gravy. ever wanted to make soup but had a disastrous attempt with putting hot soup in a blender? this will solve allllll your problems.

also you know summer's coming up and you are gonna want to pull out the barbie as soon as you can! these pro chef barbecue tools are a steal for $15.96 (orig $40). father's day, anyone?

just a tip too on GOOD quality products in the kitchen. i'd rather have ONE good knife and ONE good pot than 20 crappy knives and 6 pots and pans that are cheap and will burn everything. seriously a good pan and a sharp knife – game changers. two of my favorite knives that i own, the wustof classic 6″ chef knife + paring knife, are on sale for $99. ridiculously cheap when you consider they're worth $200 together. also, my favorite pan EVER that i saved all my kitchen gift cards up for when i got married and bought for the full $250 is on clearance for $179.

i went through the sale and hand-picked all my favorites … ONLY things i would buy myself or recommend to a friend who needs the best kitchen stuff. so just know that these are the really amazing products that are going to change your life in the kitchen. AND honestly, these are all a ridiculously good price. not like kind of sort of good, REALLY GOOD.

all images below are clickable.

happy kitchen shopping and HAPPY FRIDAY!

Corrine Stokoe

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