4 year blog birthday GIVEAWAY + 4 things list

April 21, 2017

I can hardly believe it but today my blog turns 4 years old! What began as a way for me to get out of the house and shake postpartum depression has evolved into the blessing of being a work-from-home mom, sharing my faith, and helping a whole lot of people find deals on things they were dying to have but didn't want to pay full price.

If you've been reading my blog for a long time (or if you're just finding me today, hi!!) you know I LOVE a good giveaway, and I only do giveaways that I'd be dying to win myself! And on this 4 year anniversary I'm giving it back to you. FOUR readers will win $100 gift cards to FOUR of my favorite retailers: Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Target and Amazon. Because the best way to celebrate a birthday is with gifts right?!!

White Floral Dress
Tan Sandals (30% off right now!)
Tote Bag (sold out, similar)
Nude Slip


Now for some reflection.

Four things I've learned as a blogger:

1. I believe in God having a hand in all that we do, and I absolutely believe the only reason I've been any measure of successful is because of Him. This blog is way bigger than I ever imagined it would be, but it's still teeny tiny in comparison to many others! I'm just grateful for this space and that I can be exactly who I am here. I also firmly believe that when I prioritized reading the Book of Mormon each morning, my ability to balance work-mom-wife life increased tenfold. It's my secret sauce, my superpower, my lifeline to everything.

2. One of the things that held me back the most in the beginning of my blogging journey was the scarcity mentality. Competitiveness. Feeling like if someone else got a great campaign with a brand I loved, that meant less potential for me to work with them someday. If someone copied my hard work, that meant all my efforts were for nothing. Having a blog that posts the best deals on the internet means a lot of people sit back, wait for me to do the work, and just pick up whatever benefits them. Although I still believe this isn't right (or fair), I wasted a LOT of energy and time worrying about it in the beginning. When I learned about the abundance mentality, and really committed myself to it, things really changed for me. I was able to put all that dumb, wasted energy on being mad that people were copying me, into positive energy and productive efforts. If you are struggling with this, or ever have in the past, I highly suggest this talk and this book.

3. When I first started blogging, I ran around to every event in town that I was invited to. In some ways this was great because I really grew doing this! But I'll never forget how it felt February of 2016, sitting in a hotel room in New York, after I had been un-invited to the last runway show on my week long trip to New York Fashion Week, in 3 degree weather, saying to myself, “what am I doing here?” A full week in New York felt way too long when I booked that trip. I had been to 3 other seasons of NYFW and I kept promising myself that I'd go a FULL week at some point, because I always went home halfway into the week, and had “FOMO” (fear of missing out) when I saw other bloggers posting about shows I missed after I left before the week was over. This February, I stayed home instead. And it felt awesome. Alternatively, when an opportunity to participate in a mastermind popped up last October, after being gone for almost the entire month of September, Neil and I talked about it and I prayed about it and it just felt right. I went, and it was one of the best things I've done for my career. Go with your gut. Say yes when it feels right (even if it doesn't make sense), and say no if it doesn't feel right, and never let FOMO be your guide.

4. A long time ago, I was offered a sponsored campaign at Christmas time for a large sum of money. But it was with a brand I knew I'd never actually shop at myself. I said thank you but no. And then they doubled their offer. It was hard to say no because that Christmas my family really needed the extra income, but I said no anyway. My parents were hugely influential in teaching this to me at a very young age, when my dad turned down certain job offers that would've been monetarily a big “yes,” but integrity wise, felt like a definite “no.” I believe the reason so many of you have stuck around and keep coming back to read my blog, is because of some of these hard “nos” I've said. I also believe that identifying the right “no” opportunities will attract more of the right “yes” opportunities in your life.  Stay fiercely true to who you are, and that integrity will pay dividends.


Lastly, THANK YOU for sticking around and making this such a positive, supportive, uplifting community. I really do feel like you guys are my friends, when I get comments or emails or messages, when I meet you in the airport and at Target and we bump into each other getting dole whip at Disneyland. Enter to win my little gift to you below 🙂

Update: winners were randomly drawn this morning! Our winning entries are:
Heather Feinauer
Kelly Florenz
Alexandra Robertson
Aimee Branca

Winners, please email morgan(at)mintarrow.com within 24 hours to claim your prize!

4 Year Blog Birthday giveaway

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Marissa Esparza:

Love following your blog! Thank you for all the heads up on Nordstrom sales:)

Amy Q.:

***Happy 4 Years*** I have truly enjoyed your blog! I love your style and look forward to getting Mint Arrow emails.

Shaun Whipple:

Thank you! I have loved your blog for years! So helpful for gifts and ‘treats’ for myself! And saving money!!


Congrats on four years!! I heard of you long ago but just started following and love your tips! What a generous giveaway!

Ashley H:

Love reading your blog! Congrats on 4 years!

Becky Thorpe:

I don’t comment much on your stuff or blog but I’m pretty sure I have been here from almost the start. I just want to tell you how much I admire and appreciate your integrity and strength to not leave behind your beliefs and values as your continue and evolve in your business!!!! That speaks volumes to me and many others who follow you. Thank you for this post and for being authentically you!!!! I am a lifer and wish you much success and joy in this journey. ?

Claire Miller:

This is an AMAZING giveaway!!! Love it & this blog! Happy 4 years!!

Vanessa Coker:

I’m new to your blog but I really enjoy the content! Happy 4 years !

Carol McGraw:

Happy Anniversary! You’re blog is one of my faves. You have such a great sense of style and I love following your beautiful family. I’ve shopped so many of your deals over the past few years! Thanks for the savings ?!


Thanks for such a fun and modest blog. I’ve referred to your blog many times for great modest outfits!

Donnarae Cook:

Congratulations, 4 years is awesome. love your blog and enjoyed meeting you in person at Church 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaways!


Happy 4 years! Thanks for sharing these awesome lessons you’ve learned!


I love it when you post about your testimony and parents, and also baby sales. Thank you.


Lived n Laguna and now Arizona,really enjoy seeing all the places you shoot from (loved my Laguna Bch days)
and your modest attire. I have 5 married daughters and they now follow you as well. I love that you share your heart and beliefs and stand for what you believe in…You are a person of integrity and that is a rare find. Much Joy and success to you Corrine..Debbie in Az..


Your abundance mentality philosophy is wonderful.

Anne Jackman:

Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway! And for being so courageous in sharing your testimony. It is an inspiration and strengthens my resolve to share the gospel.




I love your blog, your integrity, and you being true to you! I hope to meet you in real life someday!

Natalie tate:

I love you blog! Your personality shines through and your warm spirit shines through!

Erica Jensen:

I LOVE your blog! I am LDS also, and love that you make the gospel and Christ a known part of who you are and what you do. Such integrity and an inspiration. I also follow your Mom and sister. Great feeds!


Hi, Corrine! We met about 11 years ago, I was Brittany’s Parker roommate. I’ve always liked your name, Corrine is such a pretty name! Just 4 months ago I had baby girl and we named her Corrine. 🙂 I’m very happy that you got so far, you’re doing a wonderful job and I love following you! Happy 4!!! ??

Mary Wilson:

Congratulations on your 4years!! Pretty awesome to see where it’s gone.

Leila Peterson:

Love this! Thanks for the inspiration and happy 4!


Happy four years!! ?? I love your blog and we are total twinsies with our 4 favorite stores! Nordstrom is my jam ????cheers friend! ?

Wendy Fisk:

You are stronger to say no than yes! God Bless

Sandi Chilton:

Congratulations! I love your blog and this post especially. I feel like #3 and #4 are speaking directly to me right now as I’m making some big life decisions. Thanks for being who you are! ?


This is my favorite post yet! Great advice! I hold back on a lot of creative projects because it’s so frustrating to have people steal my work and not give me credit for it but I love the example of the abundance mentality. I’ve been trying to let go more, and realize that if they want to be unethical, that’s on them, but I can still succeed.

Lisa knight:

I always love reading your blog! You inspire me and I have thoroughly enjoyed following you via Instagram as well as Facebook. Besides the amazing deals you post, one of my favorite things is just seeing what a genuine and REAL person you are. You are wonderful!Thank you so much for being you. Cheers to 4 years! That’s a great accomplishment


Happy blog birthday! So happy for you. love you <3

Colleen Militello:

Happy Birthday!

Megan carpenter:

Love following you and your momma ♥️


your blog is my favorite. thanks for the fun giveaway!


Ive followed you for the last four years. I’ve made purchases based on your recommendations but more recently with your graceful, humble openness I’ve reflected deeply on my relationship with God. You, beautiful lady, are an answer to this proud woman’s prayers and I continually find courage in your posts. In your being brave about God’s hand in your life. You won’t know how much but your testimony has saved mine


Love your blog!! From the helpful shopping tips and links, to the spiritual thoughts you share.
Love that we share a love of sunshine, good deals, and of course Diet Coke! ❤️

Liquetta Smith:

Loved reading this, and congratulations on four years!✨


You are just the best of the best. I admire you so much in so many ways.

Rachelle Deus:

Love how true to yourself you are…you are my favorite blogger because of that…keep it up!


Thanks for doing what you do! We have all loved following along over the last four years, and look forward to many more. Congrats to you in this amazing season of you life. xo

Darolyn Larson:

You are my daily reading therapy, fun, uplifting, spiritual, thought provoking beautiful, family oriented, yummy bountiful kitchen re Iowa and….well balanced in all things 🙂 .

K. Thorud:

Happy 4th birthday Mint Arrow! The Lord bless you!

Cristina Grant:


Hailey Breinholt:

Seriously what a sweet thing to do! I love your Style, pictures, blog, but mostly I love your genuine posts and honest opinions. It is so easy in your industry to look at this as a normal job and post about anything for money. I so admire your integrity and I love that you hold onto and share your beliefs! Congratulations on 4 years! That is amazing!

Jennie Keller:

Congratulations on this amazing milestone. Thank you for being YOU !! Keep up the amazing work


Live your blog! Always bragging of the amazing deals I get following you!
Happy 4yrs!


Happy BlogBirthday!! Enjoy the inspiration your blog brings to my inbox!

Mel Odell:

Thank you for the great deals, inspiration and proving there is so much good in the world. We need more courageous mothers, women like you. You exude beauty!

Angela Schirlls:

Happy 4 Years!!!


Happy for years!!!! You are the best corrine!!!! We’ve never bumped into each other but I wish we had! You are so beautiful inside and out!!! Secret code: CHOCOLATE!!!!! ???

Kimberly Smith:

Happy 4 years to my favorite fashion blog! I take you with me to the anniversary sale every year! ?

Rachel Steck:



Congrats on 4 years!

Kendra Singh:

Corinne! You know how I feel about you! You are such an inspiration and why I started blogging. I love seeing your business grow. Congrats on 4 years and excited to see what the future brings. Keep rockin lady.

Stefanie Cross:

So excited for you and all your success!! You inspire me!!

Annie Hackett:

Oh my, oh my! Maybe I can get the handbag I have been eying! Happy Birthday, what an accomplishment. You are an inspiring woman!

Kelsi Strong:

Yay for 4 years!! Love your blog ?

Cynthia E.:

Congratulations!!!! I enjoy following along with you through your blog/email subscription, instagram and facebook! Your joy and positivity truly radiate through all that you do. You have great tips on deals and on life in general! I just got the Beachwaver for my birthday per your recommendation and tutorial! Thanks for all you do!

Jesika Poulton:

Congrats on 4 years!! Love all your advice on what you’ve learned!


I never comment on blog posts and I’m not sure what even gets read or not, but I have to say- you are SO right when you say that keeping your integrity over money from ads you don’t believe in has kept your readers and set you apart. Not to put others down, but in my opinion so many other bloggers have seemed to “sell out” and cause me to unfollow because I can tell that their published opinion most likely isn’t actually their own. For that reason you are the one I always follow and tell others to follow! And not just because of the amazing deals- which is what initially drew me in- but truly because of your integrity in your business that sonclearly carries over into your personal life as well. You always post about how important your religion is and you have really inspired me in my daily life to be more open and not feel like I ever need too hide my testimony. You are a great example to me and I appreciate you! Congrats on 4 years!


Happy four years! Love your attitude about life and especially love hearing your testimony!

Loni Lund:

You are very inspiring plus have my kinda of heart. A good deal always makes me happy!


Corrine!!!!! I am one of your biggest fans ever!!!!! I love you so much!!!!! I love everything you do on your blog and everything you wear but my favorite thing I think that you have done is shared your sweet spiritual side!!!! Around Christmas and Easter you totally changed my outlook on those holidays for my and my little family!!! I will forever be grateful!!!!!! You are the best example. I also loved your podcast on extraordinary moms!!!!!! Bubble gum bubble gum buuubbbbbblllleee guuuuummm!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


I really love this post! I admire that you’re so open about your faith and I love that you have stayed true to who you really are. I recently had an opportunity that I really wanted but it just didn’t feel right when I prayed about it. Being stubborn, I moved forward anyway. Needless to say, it didn’t work out. I loved reading about you deciding to say “no” and then the right opportunities presented themselves later. I needed to read that 🙂

Tara Jackson:

Hi! I’m a newbie to your blog and am so looking forward to getting your emails and seeing your deal posts on Facebook!??

Alex Cowley:

CORRINE! I love you to the moon and back! Happy four years! I am so proud of you and you have changed my outlook on Christmas and Easter time forever and I will FOREVER be grateful for you!!!!!!! Also thankful for the sweet deals you share? BOOMSHAKALAKA!!!!!!!!!!!


I’ve been around since the very beginning. It doesn’t seem possible that it has been 4 years. But then I see pictures of sweet Annabelle and she’s not a baby anymore. Time sure does fly! I value your opinion and have purchased many things based on it. I’m so glad you have integrity, great taste, and a knack for finding a good deal or I may have been disappointed in my purchases. Thank you so much for sharing all of the amazing sales and deals over the years! Happy birthday, Mint Arrow!

Beth Parker:

Congratulations on four years! My bank account is not thankful I found you, but I sure am! Love your style, but love your outlook on life even more. ❤️

Aimee B:

thank you thank you!! i love your blog and insta page, i’ve been following along for a while now and can’t wait to continue following along with you! 🙂

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