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I know I’ve promised a reader or two an alert when my bedding goes on sale, and I always keep my promises!!

Right now you can get my ivory bedding 20% off (no code necessary) for a limited time. This is a temporary sale and it will go back up to full price!!

Honestly and truly this is my very favorite bedding I’ve ever owned, and the real shocker? It’s Neil’s favorite too.

anthropologie rivulets bedding

We splurged on this for our Master Bedroom makeover and I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s suuuuuuper soft and cozy, and we’ve just been careful with it (no food ever in our bedroom) and it’s stayed pretty much perfect for a year. We’ve taken it to a dry cleaner a couple times to be cleaned ($25 each time) and it still looks brand new after a year. Well worth the investment to take care of something I love so much!

My ivory quilt is pretty lightweight so going into summer months it’s a nice change if you’ve been using a heavier duvet. If you live somewhere where it’s still cold, you can just layer a blanket underneath for added warmth.

We actually recently switched to this set since it’s colder (even here!) during the winter and we LOVE IT. I’ll try to do some insta stories today to show you just how pretty it is in person, so follow along on instagram (@mintarrow)  to see this new bedding.

Like I mentioned above, this sale on my favorite bedding ever is limited time! This is one of the BEST deals you’ll see all year on this bedding and it only pops up a couple times a year.

See all the bedding on sale here, or shop my picks from this sale below!

Full details on my master bedroom makeover here.

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Yesterday, I think it was, you posted something about shape wear that I wanted to read. Now, I can’t find it. Is it still available to read somewhere? Thanks so much. ?


Oh, I just found your post on shape wear. Thank you. It was fun to read. I’ve never worn it before and just wanted to hear what you had to say about it. Thanks so much for your great blog.


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