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Hola from Cancun!!! I’m still in Mexico soaking up the sun and I wanted to give you guys a quick roundup of ALL the cutest one pieces I found on the internet in my hours of searching before I came on this vaca. Because cute, modest swimsuits are HARD to find these days!!!

First of all, as you can see from yesterday’s post – the 21 best things at forever 21 right now – I don’t care if it’s a cute suit from Target or a cute suit from Revolve, if it’s cute and fits well I’ll wear it! BUT, I find that sometimes the higher quality suits (like a lot of things) are more expensive, and I’m willing to pay for a suit that fits well. So I’m just laying that out there right now. Some of my favorite swimsuits ever have been $30 though! So it really just depends on if you can get lucky.

This scalloped swimsuit I found on the instagram explore page of ALL PLACES!!! I saw it on some random girl who I don’t follow but she was wearing it in Florida on a beach vacation and I was like I HAVE TO HAVE THAT SUIT!!! Haha. So I hunted it down and it was probably the most expensive swimsuit I’ve ever bought BUT it is really, really cute in person and I got compliments on it all day long yesterday!

It has scallops in the back too!!

I did find this scalloped one pieceย after I ordered the one I own, and it’s less expensive and looks super similar! So this might be a great alternative!

Honestly though probably my favorite swimsuit I brought on this trip is the one I’m wearing today, this shoulder tie swimsuit in white! Its soooooooo cute in person. I seriously want it in every color! And it’s under $100.


My FAVORITE swimsuit of last summer is not available in red anymore but it’s still available in white and I”m obsessed! AND it’s $29. Yup! Here’s a pic of me in it last summer in Lake Powell!

Tomorrow I’ll be back with MORE beach vaca faves but I’ve gotta wrap this up so I can go watch my man dominate on the sand volleyball court! He’s actually pretty good ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here are the rest of my favorite one pieces I found on the internet for this vacation!

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All these suits are fantastic! Beautiful!

xx, Elise


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