the BEST stocking stuffers that ship free for Christmas

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We’re in the official countdown of Christmas being FIVE days away and yeah, that means crunch time!!! We’ve worked hard to put together a list of the BEST stocking stuffers for men and women and we’ve got them all rounded up below so you can shop quickly and easily and have everything arrive at your door just in time for a stress-free Christmas Eve.

And the BEST part? They’re all under $35!

35 stocking stuffers under $35, just for you:

I love my sonix cases so much! They ACTUALLY protect all the way around your phone and have the very cutest designs.
Because seriously you can never have enough ponytail holders! Mine are always getting up and walking away on their own I swear. These are super highly rated!!
LOVE this 48 piece emergency hair kit. Super helpful if you have little girls, too.
All the BEST little drybar products in one cute package that's a super good deal! Under $30 for all of this.
My very favorite perfume of all time, in a travel spray! I've had this for a while now and for all the traveling I've done it's still really full, so it lasts a LONG time!
Everybody loves these guys!! Out of 1500 ratings for this book they have 91% 5-star, 7% 4-star, and ZERO 1 or 2 star ratings. I literally don't think I've ever seen that. I'm dying to read this!
Another guaranteed win of a gift! This is my favorite water bottle EVER. Keeps liquids hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. SERIOUSLY it really does!! I can take this out with ice cubes in the blazing sun and hours later the ice is still frozen inside. Like magic.
Literally perfect to stuff your stocking with!!
My favorite red nail polish of all time!!! It's seriously the perfect shade of red and every time I do my nails in this color, people ask me what color it is. If it's red, you can bet it's this shade.
I SWEAR by this stuff for myself, and my girls! It takes tangles out literally like a miracle. The tangliest hair doesn't stand a chance against this stuff!
This is SUCH a good value for super high quality makeup! $30 for 4 of MAC's most popular makeup items, and a travel bag.
My very favorite philosophy "flavor" of all! Just a pretty clean scent and the lip shine is so yummy.
I love these little travel tubes so much! Super inexpensive way to take your favorite shampoo, conditioner, lotion etc along with you without having to buy super expensive travel sizes!
Just simple and sweet, AND a great deal at only $7.
I've given these out SO many times to so many people! I own one in both my girls' initials; they're my favorite of all my Alex & Ani bracelets.
I think this is so sweet!
This may seem silly to include this, but I LOVE THIS SOAP!!! It's out of stock almost everywhere but you can still order it online! I seriously hoard this stuff. It smells SO clean and divine AND I swear it works better than any other dish soap I've tried.
My newest obsession! My husband and I were fighting over this cup so much that I finally bought a second one! Also keeps your drinks cold for hours, AND you can use essential oils in this (lemon, lime etc!!) to flavor your water and help with digestion.
Because, if you give a mouse a cookie! You'll need these straws to go with your cups. But don't worry they're only $7 for a pack of 4!
If you're going on a warm vacation soon this is a GREAT gift! Depending on the color and size you can get these as low as $17.
Neil's favorite comb of all time! Only $10 but way better quality than most you'll find at a drug store.
The perfect travel set for a guy who is on the road a lot, or even if you want to just let him try out this skincare line before you fully invest!
What guy doesn't love a good pair of new socks?! These are so fun too, and stance socks are the BEST quality!
Okay, we haven't tried this yet but there are SO many good reviews that I'm gonna stick this in Neil's stocking this year!
This leather wallet gets super good reviews and it's really affordable. Neil only likes wallets like this that are as small as possible.
Another really nice basic gift that's only $10!
These are so nice for making your shirts look really great! And $13 for 50 is a great deal.
A great basic case for the dude who likes to keep things simple.
For the guy who likes a trucker hat!
Most guys really like a good chapstick and I promise you this one is THE BEST!!! I was so tired of Neil stealing mine that I finally bought them in bulk haha. You can't really find these in store anymore so I just get mine online.
A best-seller for both the NY Times AND USA Today, this book is wildly popular right now and is about to be made into a movie! Thousands have rated this 5-stars.
An inspirational story for someone who likes historical nonfiction! Also a #1 NY Times best-seller.
This is Neil's very favorite hair gel! Works super well, stays all day, doesn't flake. We can only find it online, so I usually buy it for his stocking!
Neil is extreeeeemely picky about hats because he has a big head (ha) and says that hats start to hurt him after like an hour. This is one of the ONLY caps he will wear all day without complaining. He loves it!
Most guys love a good beanie and this one is a great deal!

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Thank you so much for all your great blog posts listing all your great finds. You offer such a wonderful service. I’m so grateful to you. I have bought several of the things you have mentioned. You have been incredibly helpful. I look forward to reading your posts. I love how often you post too. You much be incredibly busy. I just wanted you to know that I truly appreciate you and the great ideas and advice you give. Have a Merry Christmas!


Nancy this is the sweetest comment I have received in a long time! Thank you so much for taking the time to say something so kind. Merry Christmas to you too!!


You at ththe best! This was so helpful.


Hahaa that was supposed to say “You are the best! ” lol


Great list. I purchased several items. You are a lifesaver for last minute gifts. Thank you so much.


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