The BEST men’s gifts for Christmas this year


Shopping for a man can feel a little bit like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I often feel like “what the heck am I going to get my ____ (fill in the blank with dad, boyfriend, husband, brother) as a gift this year?” because men are picky, particular, and predictably just buy themselves whatever they want or need! And with Christmas about a week and a half away, with this lifelong dilemma on our hands, if you haven’t figured out what to get your man yet, we’re here to save the day!!

Just like in the past, I’ve enlisted the help of my very stylish, hip brother Stephen who knows men’s fashion way better than I do! He and I did lots of research online and in person, and together we’ve compiled our very favorite men’s gifts for Christmas 2016.


Clarks has tons of boots but in my opinion, these are the best looking ones they carry. Amazon carries them in all colors. - Stephen
Nike men's free 5.0 are the most comfortable pair of Nike Free i have ever owned. (This was maybe my 4th pair i owned.) They are almost half the price they were when I bought them last year! - Stephen
Ralph Lauren Reversible belt! Durable, multi occasion appropriate belt. SUPER affordable too! - Corrine
Under armor sport jacket. Built warm and heavy but workout compatible. - Stephen
Stance socks are ALWAYS a win. They don't get holes in them 5 minutes into a wear, their patterns are always bomb, and I've yet to meet a man who doesn't love them. - Corrine
Tommy Hilfiger neck tie that comes in 4 different two tone colors. I like the two tone on this tie, the proportions with the primary color are just about right for what I like to wear. - Stephen
One more pair of nike joggers. These appear to be more of an active wear, but also perfect use for lounging around the house in the winter. - Stephen
Love Penguin brand!!! Flannels are hard to find that aren't too expensive. this brand gives you a reliable product at a fair price! - Stephen
Warm enough for the snow! The north face kilowatt jacket is one I have used even while clearing the snow at my parents house. - Stephen
This is another great under armor jacket for winter. Fleece is light and is everyone loves the way it feels! - Stephen
I have always been a fan of the dress shoe with more of a pointed toe. These come in 3 great colors and are fairly priced! - Stephen
I bought this for Neil for his birthday and he. is. OBSESSED!!! Nicest electric shaver out there. It can do a wet OR dry shave, and my personal favorite, it has a self-cleaner that prevents those tiny little hairs from getting all over the countertop. SO WORTH IT. - Corrine
I love the feel of some big/roomy pajama bottoms during the holidays. Family tradition or not, these are a solid choice for lounging around the house. - Stephen
Ray-bans are always a win and these ones look good on EVERYONE. - Corrine
Favorite jacket on my wishlist right now. Something that looks nice enough to wear with casual or dress up attire underneath. Looks warm enough for Utah too! - Stephen
Nike fleece workout/casual wear jacket. I love the camo like pattern on this! Comes in two colors. - Stephen
One more belt. This will work good with most lighter brown shades of brown dress shoes. Love magnannl products. - Stephen
Obey camo hooded jacket! Looks like something a bit lighter than most winter jackets, allowing it to be more of a choice to wear out with friends rather than maybe a winter outing or colder conditions. - Stephen
Levi's has some great skinny jeans. I have owned a number of these same jeans. Love the dark denim and the reliability that you get with a pair of Levi's. - Stephen
I have officially boarded the jogger train. Some of the most comfortable things to wear around the house. Especially because shorts are just too cold during the winter. - Stephen
Neil looooooves Jack Black products and I kind of love them too! This hand healer is especially amazing for dry winter months. - Stephen
Modern chukka boot to be worn with most pants. I love these because they tend to last forever and they won't really go out of style. - Stephen
Two button/stripe wool suit by Boss. I have a two button suit by boss that has been awesome to wear for any dressy occasion! - Stephen
Loved coming across this down coat. When I look for a coat I look for two things. Warm, and durable. This coat gets great reviews and is made for the coldest of conditions!! - Stephen

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