Cheat sheet to Nordstrom’s Fall Clearance!!


One of Nordstrom’s best sales of the year is going on right now, the Nordstrom Fall Clearance Sale, and I spent all morning picking through thousands of items to find you guys the BEST! And when I say thousands, I literally mean 9,251. Yep.

So I mean who has time for that (other than me haha! Since it’s my job). I have a super easy and fast cheat sheet below that will help you sift through all the thousands of options on sale during the Nordstrom Fall Clearance Sale sale just so you can get to the really good stuff.

Everything that I picked out below has my stamp of approval! I’ve either tried it on or own it myself and love it with all my heart! There are no duds in this roundup. EVERYTHING is golden in this cheat sheet, including the cropped flares in this photo, the block heels pictured here too (full outfit details HERE) but also some super neutral staple UGGS that are a great price, and the $40 jeans I want every one of my friends and readers to own!!

You’ll see that I included some of my faves too from men and kids! Again, these are all things we love and recommend that either Neil or my kids own or have at least tried on and liked enough to buy.

A lot of the items in this sale like these little booties (that I get compliments on every time I wear them!!) sold out SUPER fast during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and now they’re back in stock and even better  prices than the anniversary sale! And I mean who doesn’t love knowing you’re getting the very best prices possible?!! Especially on pieces that will boost your wardrobe and last a super long time.

Shop the full Nordstrom Fall Clearance Sale cheat sheet below! Click on any of the items to go straight to that product page.

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