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If you follow me on social media you may have seen what I was up to on Saturday at the ShopStyle social house in a sponsored partnership with Hallmark Signature! I stopped by their adorable booth that was covered in the cutest hallmark cards and since it’s Fashion Week, I wrote a card to someone who has inspired my style. It was hard for me to pick just one person who’s been a style inspiration, but when I thought about who has also inspired me as a person, it was easy to pick this icon.


Let’s just talk about how hard it was to pick one card! I genuinely love Hallmark signature cards so much. Anytime I know I need to buy a greeting card, I plan my grocery trips around stores that I know sell Hallmark cards just so I can pick from those! Their cards are the least cheesy, the most cute and sincere and classy and just timeless. Ever since I was young and I saw my mom turn a card over to see if it was Hallmark, I guess I’ve just followed in her footsteps because I do the same thing!


Like I mentioned before, it was also a challenge for me to pick one style inspiration to write to. There were so many who crossed my mind! Audrey Hepburn whom I’ve loved since I could remember, Jennifer Aniston who is always chic and classy and I swear just cannot age, Jackie O who embodies girly-girl perfection, Kate Middleton who seriously makes me envious of every single thing she wears, or even someone like Sandra Bullock who is always fresh and on point? It was hard to choose.

Ultimately though, I wrote my letter to Tory Burch, because she’s an active mom, an intimately involved leader within her company, and the American dream of a business woman who started her line by designing clothes in her kitchen.

derek-lam-plaid  derek-lam-plaid

I wrote to Tory thanking her for being an inspiration not only as a powerhouse business woman, but a classy woman of character and grace. After reading this article in Vogue last summer, my love for Tory and her brand grew leaps past just admiring cute sandals and pretty purses.

I’ll be reading my letter to her on Facebook Live today, be sure to follow me there to see me go live and join in on the conversation of women who are inspirations of style and class.

derek-lam-plaid  derek-lam-plaidSo I want to know, who inspires your style the most? Old style icons like Grace Kelly who defined class, or someone new like Katy Perry who throws caution to the wind? Let me know in the comments below!


Plaid jacket
Plaid pants
Off-white blouse
Black strappy sandals

Thanks Hallmark Signature and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post and having me out for such a lovely event!


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